Thursday, December 25, 2014


This month, we will continue the coconut series.
Now, we will talk about how to get economic value from coconut waste, especially the endocarp or coconut shell.
Here we call it as batok kelapa or tempurung kelapa.
This is the hardest part of coconut fruit.

Look... there are a bountiful 'waste' from processed coconut industries.

There are so many products that made from batok kelapa.
The most famous product is activated carbon.

The coconut shells will burned without oxygen for about 3-5 hours until the smoke become thin and clear. 

And we will get the black coconut shell on a flat form or we call it coconut charcoal.

Then, the coconut charcoal will be pounded or mashed into very small part.

The coconut charcoal powder will be activated to be an activated carbon.
Activated carbon is usually used on industry as filter or absorbent material.

The charcoal also will be mixed with thick diluted tapioca/cassava flour, then put it on the mold and after that dried on the direct sun shine for about a day. 

Now we get the briquettes of coconut charcoal as 'fuel' for our stove.

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