Tuesday, December 16, 2014


You all know that I only have a small piece of land.
So I always try to optimizing every part of my land.
On my terrace garden, I have so many pots.
I plant various vegetables and flowers on it.
A simple trick to optimizing my pots is plant more than a variety of plant on a pot.

Some of the 'passenger' are self sowing, the seeds are flown by the wind, grounded on the pots and grow.
Some gardener pull out the seedling cause they think that self sowing of unexpected plants as weeds. 
For me, they are volunteers for my garden. 

We can manage them, so they all can grow well, evenly supporting each other. Of course, we have main crop. 
The main corps usually have the longest time to reach their harvesting period. The passenger should be harvested earlier. 

But if we find volunteer that have longer period than the main crop, we can move them into another pot if the size are big enough.
For example on my tomato pot, there are tomato as a main crop, and we can find eggplant and lettuce seedling.
I will let the lettuce grow there until the leaves ready to be harvested, it means I will pull out the plant.
But I will let the eggplant just for about a month until the seedling have four or five leaves, and then move it into another pot. 

So, save the space.
And nothing wasted...

All part of my garden will more productive...


  1. Very smart way to garden....love this post!

    1. Thank you, Teresa. I will love to have wide garden like yours.

  2. long time no see.. akhir tahun fokus jadi bergeser. wah senang jadinya melihat kebun Bu Endah,