Saturday, December 13, 2014


This is one of my favorite vegetables... eggplant or here we call it as 'terong'.
I don't know how many variety that I've been growing on my garden.

This is Fullness, I tried to grow it  for the first time on 2012.
Such a lovely vegetable.

I love the color and also the shape, so beautiful.
Crispy texture and fairy sweet taste.

The flower is also beautiful too.

Do you want to grow it too?


  1. Shure, would I like to grow it too. But here it is not warm enough and eggplants grow not so well. Maby one with a smaller fruit is easier and faster. The Problem is, our summer is not long enough that it becomes ripe.
    Einen schönen, geruhsamen 3. Advent wünscht Dir Marie

    1. Yes, eggplant love warm weather. I think you can sow it on the spring and you can pick the eggplant in the end of summer till the early autumn.
      Enjoy your winter and keep warm!

  2. I know your eggplant, it is of the Solanum family and I have grown it years ago in a tub. It is a matter of fact we did not eat them because I really did not know how to use them in my cooking.

    1. Eggplant is great for tempura and stir fried. We also cook it as curry or gravy soup.

  3. And here in the UK we call it an aubergine.