Saturday, December 27, 2014


Coconut leaves have straight and elastic veins on the center of the leaves.
As a very slim and elastic stick
Indonesian call it as 'lidi', and we are Javanese, call it as 'sada'.

Here, we use to make any handy crafts from it.
Actually, we had used this stick on making Indonesian traditional meat dish 'sate' or satay.
The simplest product is outdoor broom or we call it as 'sapu lidi'..
I think, every body here have broom like it on their house.
Until this time, on the village area people still make their own broom by their selves.

They pick the old green leaves and remove the leaf part that resembles a ribbon to get the stick.
The green leaves have a strong, and fairy elastic, so not easy to broken.
Than a handful of the sticks will be tied using bamboo ring or plastic rope.
So... we get our own broom now.

But at this time, not just broom that we can make from this stick.
There are bags, table runner, plate, fruit basket, bowl, vase, lamp shade, wipes holder, decoration, jewelry box, and many more.
Look our little jewelry holder that we got from a wedding reception several weeks ago, so pretty...

You can see many creations from coconut stick here and how to make handy craft from that stick here.


  1. So interesting to read you can make so many useful and pretty objects of the 'sada'.

    1. Yes, I hope you can find these pretty objects there.

  2. I am fascinated by the story of the coconuts. I did not know that they have such a wide application :)

  3. Welcome to Endah
    Coconut is a wonderful plant that has a lot of interest.

  4. I still use the coconut stick broom! They are really good for sweeping watery floor and garden floor! ;)