Wednesday, October 22, 2014


Coconut is a tropical perennial plant.
The tree will grow so high until 30 meter in height.
The stem of the coconut trees that grown on the beach area are usually not straight, cause influenced by the strength and direction of the wind.
But the trees that grown on the middle land with dense cultivation's space are usually so high and straight.

Here, especially in Java, coconut wood is called 'glugu'.
Glugu is usually used as material for building or furniture.
And sometime it's used as material for so many handycrarfts.

This wood is medium quality of wood for building.
Only the woods that come from the old coconut trees that used as building material, yes more than 20 years old.
The old woods have high density of fiber, and also have a good pattern.
Only the straight wood that used for building or furniture.
The columnar or tubular shape look so decorative.
So many traditional houses use coconut wood for their poles or columns.
We can find so many huge sofa that made from these woods, look so exotic and warm.

You can see so many cut or holes on the wood that used as 'climb path'.
Yes, this path is used by the farmer to pick their coconut and pruning the old leaves stalks.

On the old tree, we can fine so many ferns that grow wildly on the cut or holes.
Look so decorative...
Sometime, we can find the wild orchids grow so healthy there.

Next, we will talk about the root.
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  1. Pokok kelapa semua bahagiannya boleh dimanafaatkan...

    1. That's right Noor. I think on your country therea are so many products that made from coconut tree.

  2. I didn't know that they use the wood for building and furniture. A valuable tree!

    1. Yes, you can see so many traditional buildings here, that made from gluglu. And there are knock down gazebo that sold and all part is came from coconut tree.

  3. Some commercial compost available here have coconut fibre in them.

    1. Yes, I see. We call it coco dust. The smallest part from the processsing of the mesocarp of coconut.

  4. I had no idea you could use this wood for furniture. I'm going to google it to see how it looks.

    1. Oh, I'm sorry, I should show you the example of the building and furniture.

  5. Learning so much thank you for this series. have a wonderful day,

    1. You're welcome, Teresa. Thank you for following and enjoy this beautiful week.

  6. Hi Endah,
    We see coconut tree all the time and always took them for granted.
    Thanks for sharing all this info!
    As for the scones, you could use cooked chicken sandwich ham slices, the ones that can be bought from the supermarket. Hope you enjoy the scones, like we did! :)