Saturday, October 11, 2014


Finally, my Rose Cactus or Wax Cactus (Pereskia bleo) is blooming.
I have been waiting for about four years to find the blossom.

I don't know how many efforts that I have done to stimulate the blossom.
That's really frustrating.
Finally, I moved this plant from pot to the ground, and I let it grow wildly under the Bilimbi tree, without intensive handling only watering during the dry season.

I took a cutting from our office yard about four years ago, than I planted it on a pot and grow so well, but just the leaves, there's no flower appears.
The Rose Cactus that planted on our office yard grow so well and sometimes show us their beautiful orange flowers.
That makes me so jealous...
Actually on my office yard, this plant grow wildly without any treatment, except pruning, cause this plant grow so fast especially during rainy season.
Although the old  stems have sharp thorns, but this plant too beautiful to be ignored.

Now... look my Rose Cactus...
It's so beautiful, isn't it...

This is what I find this afternoon...
A beautiful surprise!

Yeah... After work today, when I'm noticing my Bilimbi tree that full of fruits, I find this surprise...

A hope that ever goes away from my mind, finally become a reality...
Thank you GOD...

Readers, do you have surprise from your garden, this week?


  1. So pretty! I have been wanting to give a Pereskia a try for a while. No real surprises in the garden here this week, unfortunately.

    1. I'm so lucky to find abd grow this plant. It's not easy to find this plant sold on nursery here, so rare.

  2. A beautiful surprise Endah, your efforts are rewarded!

    1. Thank you, Janneke! I have thought, I will never find the blossom on my garden

  3. I can tell by your excitement it was well worth the wait ~ beautiful surprise Endah .

  4. Replies
    1. Thank you for visiting, Gloria! Have a wonderful day!

  5. salam endah,
    i have this plant in my garden before, its flowers really gorgeous and beautiful...and edible oso, if i not mistaken, right?

    1. Salam Ana,
      Yes, the flower is so gorgeous. I have never heard before if this flower is edible. Sounds so interesting.