Friday, October 17, 2014


Here they are my pinky torch...

Yes... this is Justicia carnea syn Jacobinia coccinea.
A tropical plant that has a very cute flower.

The real blossom...

A cluster of flower 'buds'.

I'm finding three clusters of flowers on my back yard.

This plant is so easy to be grown.
We only need the cutting then grow it on the porous soil, it will rooted soon.
Just need watering to keep this plant grow well.
This plant able to grow on the bare land, with limited organic material, dry and heavy soil. 
This plant is also adaptable on shady area.
And one more... we can find the blossom almost all year round.
A lovely plant....


  1. Olá amiga, estou impressionada com a beleza dessa flor...linda! Apesar de ser tropical
    não conheço. Parabéns por ter um jardim bem diversificado!!!
    Abraços Marie.