Friday, January 10, 2014


Rain, downpour and wet weather...
This is a real rainy season.
This season looks unfavorable for my fruity plants.

My green pumpkins vines look so stunning.
Fresh green leaves, and bright yellow flowers look so fresh. 


I can find the so many female flowers (of course the fruit buds on it).
This is the first time I grow this variety, a little green pumpkin.


I really hope to harvest so many fruits from this vines.
I'm very optimistic, cause the vines growth was so stunning


But ... Look the little fruit!
The fruit bud has been separated from its stalk.


I find some fallen fruit buds on the ground under the vine.
Oh no...

Dear Readers, I'm sure you have so many experience in growing pumpkins.
Please share me your experiences.
I wish you will give me some advice.
So, I can realize my dream... pick my first pumpkin!

I can wait to hear your story and of course your advice.
Thanks for sharing!


  1. Are any fruitlets staying on the vine? If it is very wet this can happen or maybe the flowers haven' been pollinated properly. Can you try hand pollinating?

    1. Yes, the fruitlets are staying on the vine. Hand pollinating, it's sound so interesting. I have never tried before. Maybe I can try it on my lower female flowers. Thanks Sue.

  2. You have a problem. I wish we lose small fruits ... Or maybe it's some itch of a moisture Pumpkins are a magnificent fruit. They like the dry climate and good fertilization.
    Greetings from far away Polish.

    1. I think you all right, they like dry weather, now the weather is too wet. Maybe I should try better fertilization on it. Thanks Lucia

  3. I have seen that, usually on the first ones that appear on the vine. They must not get pollinated? I am not sure. I suppose it could be your fruit flies at work. Pumpkin blooms are open at night so depend on moths much of the time for pollination but like the first comment says, you can take a male flower and pollinate with it and see what happens.

    1. Yes, there are so many possibility from the source of this case. Maybe the fruit flies could be have contribution on it. Actually, I have never known if the pumpkin flowers bloom at the night. Thanks

  4. Nice to see things blooming as it has been so cold and snowy here.
    I love pumpkins but the few times we grew them here they took over everything and the leaves got very moldy ( too much rain) we did manage to get some great pumpkins though .

    1. Thank you for sharing me your experience. Maybe, my pumpkins have too wet weather, cause too much rain