Monday, February 3, 2014


Four days ago, I shared so many yields from my garden.
I shared passion fruits and chayotes with my neighbors and friends in the morning.
Both of the yield so plentiful for my little family.
In the afternoon, I got a special gift from my friend.
Look... I got three Durians from his garden

Durian (Durio zibethinus) is a special tropical fruit.

Durian is refer to 'duri' means thorn.
Look the thorny skin.

It have very strong in taste and aroma.
The pulp is sweet, smooth and buttery.
The texture is so creamy in the really mature fruit.

Durian have best taste and texture on the peak of the ripening stage.
Farmers usually collect the fallen fruit on the ground.
Sometimes they belt in the fruits to the stem so that the fruits do not fall to the ground.


The over ripening fruit has alcoholic aroma. 
Actually I don't like this fruit caused by the strong aroma.
But the taste is really good.
The fruit is very expensive.
So... durian is also called 'Tropical King of the Fruit'.

Look the seed...
In Java, it's called 'pongge'.
It's edible, best to boiled then roasted, or fried. 
So... it will be a delicious snack!
Do you want to taste it?


  1. Beautiful post!! Thanks for sharing the information about Durians:)

  2. Replies
    1. Oh no... It will grow to be a very big tree. I can't grow it on my home garden. The tree needs a very wide space. I have ever planted a durian tree about five year ago on my home garden. Finally I cut it down, caused I need more space for my veggies.

  3. Durians are delicious too, but I also do not like the strong aroma I remember. So nice to see all these exotic fruits back, which we definitely cannot grow here.

    1. They have very strong aroma, so you will always remember :-)

  4. I had heard of durians before, but I had never seen the fruit cut in two. Thanks! That was very interesting!

    1. Actually the fruit is separated in four or five sections that we call 'juring'. Each segment contains 2-4 pulpy seed. Thank you for stopping by

  5. Dearest Endah,
    Saw your blog on the sideline of friend Marian from Schunsland blog.
    WHY do you tease me with Durian here?!
    We LOVED to eat it, even if the smell is not liked by some people.
    That is one thing we miss, all the tropical fruits and the markets where you can find them all.
    Sending you hugs from seorang dengan rindu sekali ke Indonesia...