Saturday, November 30, 2019



Pusat Penelitian Kopi dan Kakao (Puslitkoka) or Indonesian Coffee and Cocoa Research Institute (ICCRI) founded in 1st January 1911, was named Besoekisch ProefstationPioneering in coffee and cocoa research  activities, ICCRI has undergone several changes in name and management, and currently ICCRI is being coordinated under Ministry of Estate Owned Enterprises. ICCRI is sub-structure of Indonesian Planters and Agricultural for Research and Development, a subsidiary of PTPN I-XIV.
ICCRI holds national mandate to conduct research and development activities of coffee and cocoa, as well as provides relevant data and information for smallholders, private and estate companies, national and regional government, associations and other stakeholders.
Since its establishment in 1911, its office has been located in Jl. PB Sudirman 90 Jember, East Java. Started from 1987 most of its activities was transferred to second office at Nogosari Village,  about 20 km away from Jember city.  

The landmark

A globe... cocoa in one side, and coffee in another side

CCSTP was founded in 20th May 2016, which focused in coffee and cocoa industries. This was a part of ICCRI that efforts to improve dissemination of R&D in order to breed new entrepreneurs in coffee and cocoa industry.

CCSTP is a integrated area that provide conducive environment for research, sustainability of business and technology development. 

CCSTP also supports on growing, building and developing start up companies, and provides human resources and technology for coffee and cocoa industries.
Actually, we need more than one day to explore this place, but we only have about one hour and half when visited this interesting place
We only visited the outlet to see various products made from coffee and cocoa.
There was a mini cafe inside the outlet, it's all about coffee and cocoa.
There were lots of things to be chosen... cake, cookies, various snacks, candies, hot drink, iced drink, and many more.
This outlet was full of visitor that purchasing various products as handed gift.
A heaven for coffee and cocoa lovers...

The display...

Various chocolate bar

Various choco praline

Cocoa powder

Homemade chocolate

"Forest" in a bar chocolate...

I have no idea about the taste

I'm sure it has great taste

The coffee patch

Low caffeine coffee

Instant coffee

Various coffee products

A package of coffee as interesting gift

Traditional package

Such a shame, I couldn't take any pictures of all products there, caused by limited time and also the crowd.
I hope I will have a opportunity to visit and explore this place next time.

Friday, November 29, 2019



The mini tour was a bit tiring, so we went to a restaurant to get lunch.

The restaurant had a traditional concept with lots of open area.
This pretty place was supported by beautiful garden and green neighborhood.
Lots of big tree here...
Really cooling us in the hot sweaty weather.
So many beautiful plant plants were really interesting me.

Especially this one... Flamboyan (Delonix regia) with cheer red flowers.

Stand out on the parking area

It reminded me into my high school. Yes there was a huge Flamboyan tree that always showering us with red fallen petal during the end of the dry season.

so lovely.

Several tall palm trees grow so healthy and very high, touching the sky.

So many mountain stones made the garden looks so awesome.

The Plumeria grows so healthy with its artistic branching.

We found so many beautiful Platycerium or staghorn ferns on the tree, we call it Paku Tanduk Rusa.

We also found lots of Kadaka or Paku sarang Burung (Asplenium nidus) both of on the tree and also among the stones.

I also found this beautiful plant, but have no idea about the ID.
Just Beautiful

Thanks for the lunch.

Thursday, November 28, 2019



From the laboratory, we visited the factory.

There were so many high quality machine that used in this factory.
So many machines were in the huge production room.
Grading machine, Corn sheller, Drying machine, packing machines and many more...
Then we visited store house with huge modified store rooms to keep the seed on the best quality.
The room was always maintained the temperature on 20 Celcius degree and the RH below 3.5, pretty cool and dry.
This condition keep  the seed on high quality more than five years.
The last room that we visited was end product store room.
There were lots of boxes that full of various seeds ready for shipped.
Such a great lesson for me...

Grading machine, the process is started here

Corn sheller, to remove the corn seed from the comb.

Manual machine that used for various vegetable seeds

There are so many drying process to keep the seed dry with the water content on the rate 10 %.
A typical Drying machine, the main dryer

A simple dryer that using rice shell as the fuel.

Modified drying chambers

Storing room
The storing rooms were modified especially on the humidity and temperature to keep the seed on the best level.
Light and clean, mold less

Metal platform as base of seeds pile

Temperature and humidity control

The director explained about storing procedures.

Seed stocks

Packing material

Pile of cardboard for packing

A Type of Packing machine

Piles of packed seeds

The seeds were ready for shipping.

A display of Seed products

The mini tour in seed factory have done, then we continued to other interesting places.