Sunday, May 29, 2016


Our raised beds are not doing well this month.
Heavy rainfall and pests are making this space and all inside is seem so poor.
I don't know how many time I did replanting to substitute the damaged plants.
The little plants were chewed by snails and cricket.
And the others eaten by grasshoppers.
This is our space this month.

This bed was seem so good at the first with eggplants and mustard greens, but all have gone, than I planted tomatoes here.
Looks doing well.

We can see Sirih (Piper betel), Bengkuang or yam bean and also sword bean are climbing on the wall.
Unknown grass is growing so healthy here.
It's looked like corn, but it has branches at the base.
I don't know what it is...

And this bed actually was prepared for the cucumber patch, but all of the seedlings have gone too, although I have resowed the seeds twice.
Now... this bed is full of self-sown milkweeds, wild cherry tomatoes, Kacang tanah (Arachis hipogea), white eggplants, a clump of Lengkuas (Kaemferia galanga) and two Kembang Kenikir (Tagetes erecta).
I let this space 'grow' naturally.

And the raised beside is looked so empty.
Only three self sown papaya trees that grow so healthy here, and some milkweeds.
All tomatoes that I have ever grown here, have died too.

On the northern area the L-shape raised bed looked so poor too, only sword bean and eggplants here.

The dwarf white peppers are growing so healthy on the pots.
One of the six white pepper plants have decayed and then died during our humid warm weather.

The brick wall still 'full' of orchids.
Poor orchids... the shoots and spikes have already eaten by naughty snails.
Only the base of clumps remain.
I hope the rainfall will be safe for our plants.
And we will get better yield....

Saturday, May 28, 2016


Finally we have lots of milkweed in our tiny garden.
Actually, it seem imposible to grow this plant in our garden at the first.
This plant became so rare here.
We can see our first milkweed here.
Now... we can find this plant here and there.
The self seedlings grow like crazy.
On the raised bed...

On the path way... 

And every where...

Real weed...

A beautiful weed...
Love it so much!

Friday, May 27, 2016


Such a lovely thing, something that I really want to have is realized.

Look our parsley...
Hmmm... so lovely!

Yes... finally I can find healthy parsleys in our tiny garden.
It's Moss Curled parsley, that I sowed the seeds in the end of August last year.

I grow them on the gutter and two pots.
We can see the seedlings here.

Hey... look... I'm finding a variegated parsley.

I don't know why...

However it's so beautiful!
Thanks GOD!

Thursday, May 26, 2016


Picking a red hibiscus after the rain.
Continuing to complete the task with the freshness of flower.
Accompany our cool weather after the rain.

Wednesday, May 25, 2016


A very lovely patch this season is okra or lady's finger (Abelmoschus esculentus) patch on our terrace garden.

This place is much safer than our raised bed on the backyard.
They are growing so lovely, so healthy.

I have no idea before, cause all of the little plants that I planted on raised bed last two months.
Snails chewed the little okra plants agressively.

I grow two variety, red and green.

Love to see them grow so fresh.

This picture above is the red variety.
And this one is the green variety.

Thanks GOD...

Tuesday, May 24, 2016


Beginning of this year was a busy time for us, and the weather was terrible too. 
So, I couldn't spend enough time to do gardening as well.
We needed lots of time to tidy up our garden, especially our terrace garden.
From January to April, we were in rainy season.
All grow so fast, especially the weed.
The terrace garden looks so messy, made me despair.
I needed more than three day full to tidy up this space.
Weeding, reloading the soil, rearranging the pots and also replanting.
We can check how the progress...
The garden on April and May on the same angle....

Northern side

Now : mustard green cauliflower, tomato and okra

North side : poor cabbages, and eggplant

Now... a row of okra (lady finger)
East side : a row of messy and weedy eggplants

Now... mint, eggplant, cabbages and purple peppers
South rack : some foliage, fern, tomatoes and bitter gourd

Now: garlic chives, okra, and mustard green.

West rack : poor parsley...
Now... healthy parsley

West rack : weedy patch with parsley, green onion, eggplant and red basil

Now... mustard green, parsley moss curled, okra, red cabbage, pakcoy, lettuce red rapid, red amaranth, green onion and kangkung.

This is the same object from different angle, a row of white pots of strawberry

Pare (bitter gourd) vine climbing on the wire.

Monday, May 23, 2016


Finding  interesting thing this morning.
A red dotted basil.

I think it's a seedling from cross breeding.
I grew five varieties of basil last season.
Basil Genovese, sweet basil, thai basil, basil cinnamon and Red Robin.
I'm sure the red color is came from Red Robin, but I'm not sure which green color came from.
Wathever it's so interesting treasure...