Thursday, January 30, 2020


Our family is a mushroom lover.
So... that's a good idea for growing our own mushroom.
Oyster mushroom is one of our favorite mushroom.
Last week we started our home grown mushroom in our kitchen near our sink, too keep them on the better micro climate.
Fairly good humidity... 
Lets check the progress...
We grew mushroom for several times, mostly oyster mushroom.
We can check here and here.
But some times we found natural wild edible mushroom in our garden too, we can check here.

The mushrooms on January 29

The mushrooms on January 31
Just moved from the 'wet' area into the dry area Kitchen

So big...
Don't you care about my hand... LOL
My little one really love it.

Our harvest today...

Wednesday, January 29, 2020


Three stalks of full bloom orchid today...

Two days before...

Thanks GOD for this beautiful thing...


We got four  Srikaya or sugar apples  several days before.
One of them have already fully ripen and get fallen.

The others  need about two days to get fully ripe and ready to be eaten.
There's a traditional way to make the fruit ripe fasten. 
Keep the fruit in the rice box, put the fruit above the fresh rice, and one or two days later the fruit will fully ripen.
We put three of four sugar apples that we have in to the rice box. 

And two days later we get fully ripen fruit.
This a favorite fruit in our family.

Look... My little one took any pieces of the fresh, juicy and sweet flesh soon, as soon as I split the fruit.

Just enjoy the home grown fruit.

Saturday, January 25, 2020


Yesterday, I went home and welcomed by four ripe srikaya fruit or sugar apple (Annona squamosa).

Actually, last month I moved this plant from old pot to a planter bag.

At that time, there were some little fruits hanging on this little tree.
Some fruits have already fallen.

There were four remain, and I wrapped the fruit using plastic bag to keep them safe from the fruit flies.

Both the size and shape were not perfect.

 Now... we can enjoy the sweet juicy fresh...

Thursday, January 23, 2020


It's actually a very late post...
but too bad to be wasted.
After we visited the 'cow land', we went to a beautiful beach.
Beautiful place and also great weather.
This beach is named 'Menganti', well known as hidden paradise.
this place is hidden by rock hills and also tropical forest.
We have to cross over the hilly-winding road break trough the forest.
But the scenery that we found was so awesome.
Such a shame... we couldn't explore all spot here, cause we only had limited time.
just enjoy the wave... the breeze... and tranquility...
Feel the peaceful...

Natural huge rock wall along the beach

Widuri or giant calotropis (Calotropis gigantea) was growing wildly here.

Beautiful flower...
Great plant in the dry place

We closed the day by enjoying the sun set along the country road.

Thanks GOD for the great experience
This is the link that we can see the best spot in this place, you can visit here

Wednesday, January 22, 2020


The beginning of the rainy season is orchid time. 
Most of the natural species orchids are blooming during this period. 

This orchid clump is a bit neglected.

It stick on the pomegranate branch in our front yard.

There are three orchid stalks dangling on the tree.

We call it 'Ekor Tupai' Orchid or 'squirrel tail' orchid (Rhynchostylis retusa).

So lovely...
Thanks GOD

Monday, January 20, 2020


On Saturday me with the team visited an integrated farming base on cow.
It's about 80 km from our home town.
This place was in construction process.
A place for learning about cow and how to process the waste, so a zero waste place.
We can see so many things about cow, and watching a documentary film in mini theater.

the main gate 

A tiny meadow for the cattle

The meadow

The icon on the center of the 'meadow'

A cow 'family'

A mini theater