Tuesday, January 19, 2016


My little Ceremai Manis (Phyllanthus acidus) tree is growing well on the little pot.
When we notice the whole of the of tree, that's really unbalanced.
The tree looks so high and the pot looks so small.
But that's true...

I have to move the pot from the existing place into new place next to the wall.
This little tree collapsed almost every day, caused by overload.
Than I put this little pot into  a bigger pot as we can see on the picture above. The real pot is small like as the little pot beside.
I put some bricks and stones on this pot to keep the tree stand on.
I'm a real lazy gardener.
This plant should be moved into bigger pot soon.
I have not been adding more soil or compost in this since two years ago, so long.
How lovely, that this plant grows so well with all limitation.
You can see the plant before here.

Look the fruits also hanging on the leaf's stalk, under the leaves.

The fruits are becoming yellowish, looks so fresh.

Today, I found a fallen fruit.

Then I tasted the fruit, but I think it was unripen.
The taste was still too "astringent".

I should wait till the fruit get ripen, but I don't know when....

Monday, January 18, 2016


This is for the second time my beet patch grew so well at the first, but decayed one by one and died.
Actually when I was watching this patch, it was so promising, lots of hopes.

A week after I took this picture, some little caterpillars ate the leaves.
Two weeks later this patch was loose leaves.
Our response was too late.
This patch might be better if I took care these plant better too.
Now this container is empty.
I should try once more I think, and hoping all will be better and success.

Sunday, January 17, 2016


During the early of rainy season our terrace  garden looks so messy.
I have no time to do gardening cause of lots of job to be done, and also the weather was so terrible.
When I checked this space, the plants were so poor, lots of weed that growing like crazy.
Tomato fruits were decayed, infected by fruit flies.
No healthy tomato remains.
My eggplant collection also looks so poor.
Grow so poor and compete with the very healthy weeds.
But I found some little fruits there.

We call it Terong Lalap Ungu. 
We use to eat it raw with Sambal (hot ground chili sauce).

So, I did weeding soon and add more compost there.
I did pruning too, to stimulate the new productive shoot growth.
I hope they will grow better and become productive.

Saturday, January 16, 2016


This is a view from our kitchen window this morning.

A long narrow raised bed next to the stone wall on our eastern backyard.
A striking color appear from this bed.
Aha... a lovely flower... Bunga Desember!

This flower is emerging from the ground among the Turmeric, Hibiscus and little citrus tree.
So beautiful!

Bunga Desember (Haemonthus multiflorus)  or December flower usually blooms on the early of rainy season, especially November and December.
You can see our December flower here.
But right now is January.
Actually, it's too late to be a December flower.

But I like it so much, thanks GOD!

Friday, January 15, 2016


Last week my husband went home with a bountiful homegrown fruits from his parent garden.

A very long stalk of banana or we call it as 'pisang'.
This variety was Kepok Kuning.
There are eleven bunches of banana on this long stalk, very very heavy.
So, my husband cut it to make it easier to be carried.
We use to harvest banana when the fruits have ripen but the skin still green.
We only need three until seven days to get them full ripening and have the best taste.
Harvesting banana on the full ripen stage have too much risks, cause so many nocturnals really love this fruit.

Another fruit was alpukat or avocado.
These avocado were smaller than usual, I think it caused by long dry season last year.
The fruits have ripen, but the flesh is still somewhat hard.
We also need about a week to get the flesh tender and has a great taste.

Thanks GOD for the blessing! 

Thursday, January 14, 2016


These are my Sawi Jepang plants.
From three plants, one have blooming, you can see the flower here.

Another one growing high more than two meters.
I picked the leaves repeatedly.

Little shoots appeared from the leaf axils.

And the last one that looks so poor, now it looks so happy.
I hope it will grow so well.
We can see the little poor plant here.

They make me so happy.

Wednesday, January 13, 2016


This is my Sawo tree today.
It's seem grow so slow.
Yeah, this little tree was covered by chayote and also velvet bean vines before.
Then I moved it into a new place.
I put it above the compost bin, here it get better space and also sunshine.

The fruits are still small.
We can see the little fruits here.
Actually the fruits are still little.
I should add more compost into this pot, it needs more food to grow up.
I don't know when it will grow bigger and ripe.

There are four fruits remain on this little tree.
Hoping they will safe and ripe.

Tuesday, January 12, 2016


This patch is so lovely.
This is a pot of Kembang Kertas or Zinnia.

I sowed an old zinnia flower on September on the biscuit tin with the soil inside.
Now, the seeds from that flower have grown into lush plants.

Look... the flower buds have emerged.

Ready for blooming...

Looks so nice...

In the other part, I found a blossom.

The petals looks a bit curly caused of the drought.

However, they are making our tiny garden more colorful.
Thanks GOD.

Monday, January 11, 2016


This rainy season, almost all plants on our home garden are growing so fast.
Grow here and there...
The leaves are growing so lush.
Lots of new branches, new shoots, so dense...

The down pour makes so many plants collapsed, couldn't support their selves.  

Needs to plan a tidying day...