Wednesday, October 31, 2018


When I do I job, I will do it wholeheartedly.
Just enjoy the job, with all of the chores.
Observing and monitoring to companies about environmental management is one of my chore.
It's time to 'go out' from the office and free from 'computer radiation'.
Meeting with new person, finding new experiences, finding new knowledge, finding 'fresh and green things', and many more...
Time to 'hunt' new plants...
the special thing is getting new plant for free...
I can get so many plants as given from the host, or take it from the road side.
Look... these were that I got one day in December 2017.
Four varieties of begonia 


and Epidendrum orchid...

And yesterday, I went home with brown leaved begonia, pelargonium, verbena, coleus, dianthus and some french marigold seeds.
Hunting time is an exciting time...
The plants were from the real 'natural' nursery.
Thanks all... for the free plants and free seeds.

Tuesday, October 30, 2018


A couple weeks ago I bought so many plants in a nursery in the way home from visiting  my father.
And I got a petunia plant for free, as a bonus...
Thank you...
And right now... I can enjoy its beauty...

Monday, October 29, 2018


Several months ago I found a Torenia fournieri or wishbone flower seedling among the grassy yard in front of our office. 

It grew side by side together with grass and weed.

Then I pulled out this beautiful thing, and grow it in my tiny garden.
Now... it's showing me its beautiful flowers.

Thanks GOD...

Friday, October 26, 2018


One of my favorite plant, both of the foliage and flower are awesome. 
Collecting it is so challenging. 

In February, I started to collect more of begonia.

We have six existing collection.

And we bought eight varieties later in February.

Such a shame, I lost two of the existing begonias.

I found them rotten and decayed so fast.

Then... four of the new collection had the same condition with their beginners, rotten and died.

Polkadot... The survivor...

Several months ago, I got a wild variety.
A green variety, that mostly grown on the slope of the hill or rocky place near the river or creek.

I think it came from a flown seed.
A volunteer...

Last month, I bought two varieties of flowering begonias.

I split the brown foliage into two plants. 

Such a shame, on of them get rotten... and left me a poor plant.
And last week, I bought two varieties ... again...

Hoping they will go better than before...

I have to learn more and more how to care begonia.
Please sharing me about your experience on growing begonia.
Thank you...

Wednesday, October 24, 2018


Love to see my balcony...

With colorful geranium/pelargonium blooming there...
We have six varieties.
I want to collect more color.

I got the plant from many places.

The salmon...

I bought it in May this year.

This red one... 

I put cuttings from a health service center in November last year.

The Fuchsia...

I bought it on January this  year.

The white one, 

I put some cuttings from my friend in December 2016.

The striped pink, I bought it on January this  year.

And the last, the baby pink is the newest one.
I bought it last week.

Hoping they will grow well here.
Thank GOD...

Monday, October 22, 2018


It's a story about a little village girl.
She was about eleven years old, at the fifth grade in elementary school.
She was really interested to so many plants, especially ornamental plants.
Near her school there was a huge fruit tree.
A very lush orchid grew and climbed intensively like a vine on that tree. 
Bountiful flowers of the orchid showed up every day.
Every single day this girl passed through in front of the tree on the way went or backed home.
Here eyes were always fixed in to the orchid vine.
She really want to have her own orchid like that. 
A 'Scorpion orchid'... it's the common name.

So... she saved money for about two weeks in order to bought some cuttings of the orchid vine.
And one day she went home with five cuttings to be planted in her garden. 
Beautiful orchid

Such a shame all of her cuttings had rotten and died...
All of her dream about having beautiful orchid was flown away...
Now... she can realize her dream, although only a cutting in her tiny garden.
Growing with her soul...


and... The girl is me...