Thursday, October 4, 2018


Trying something new in my garden is so exciting.
Zucchini is a challenging plant for me.
I don't know how many time I have tried on growing zucchini.
I have never success  with zucchini.
Have failed on so many stages... sprouting, seedling, transplanting, flowering, or fruiting...hmmm...
The best zucchini plant that I ever had was here and here
Right now... I'm growing a zucchini plant on the raised bed in our tiny backyard.
Actually I have no expectation, caused by there was no sign of sprouting progress of the seed that I put it on the seedling pot.
So, I move the neglected seedling pot into the unused pot rack.
Several weeks later I found a sign of squash sprout, I didn't know yet if that was zucchini plant.
When the seedling have two leaves in August, I transplanted it into raised bed.
Look... this is the plant right now...

The male flower have been blooming...

And I find female flower buds. 

Hoping they will set fruits later.
Thanks GOD