Monday, April 30, 2018


Finding an interesting thing in the backyard this week.
A mini pumpkin is hanging on the A stalk trellis.
I'm sure it came from self seedling.
This season I have not sown any pumpkin seeds.
But there are two pumpkin plants in our garden this season.
I'm sure it's Rocky, a variety of mini pumpkin.
I like the texture of the skin.
The one and only...
Hoping it will be safe untill it get ripen

Monday, April 23, 2018


It's seem time flies so fast.
I have been so busy since the early of March.
The course made my time looks so narrow...  Just limited time to do so many garden chores.
So... I have missed so many beautiful moment in my garden last two months.
Look... Brick wall on the backyard looks so different.
A dendribium clump is showing me its beautiful spike that full of color.
This is the first bloom for this clump.
Such a shame,  I couldn't take any close up pictures.
Lets enjoy the beauty.