Saturday, February 13, 2021


One thing that I love from our tiny back yard... the brick wall that with ferns growing on it.
Self grown... so natural...
Growing wildly ...
So lovely


Tuesday, February 2, 2021


February 2... was a sad morning for us.

Our lovely fruit tree was collapsed.

After rain with the wind a long the night, we found our garden a bit mess.

But... we have never thought if our Ceremai tree (Phyllantus acidus) would fallen on to the ground.

This tree was about seven years old, the height was about six meters.
Grew on a 'tiny' pot ... of course... actually I should moved it on to bigger pot several years ago.

Look... the root have already came out from the pot and got in to the ground.

Some fruits still hanging on the branches.

Then we cut down this tree.

And let the base...

We will move it in to bigger pot soon...

The space looked a bit brighter.

We are lucky, we ... found some babies...

some new self grown trees have already for the 'next generation'.
Hoping they will grow well and being productive.