Monday, November 30, 2015


This was a very nice surprise...
I found a asparagus seedling!
Actually I have hopeless every time I sowed asparagus seeds.
I don't know how many time I've sown the seeds and how many time I've failed.
My hopeless is treated...
It's an interesting experience for me.
I really want to grow asparagus in my home garden.
I've been looking for nurseries that sell asparagus crown, but I haven't found yet.
I think grow asparagus from crown is much easier than grow it from seed.
Last month I found an online nursery that sale asparagus seedlings.
Then I purchased five seedling, but again... purchasing plants online has too much risks.
I'm sure that the seedlings were on good quality when they're packed.
My seedling package came too late, it should need up to three days on shipping, but it needed seven days.
But long period on shipping made the seedling that I got were so poor.
I shared one of my seedling with my friend.
From four seedlings that I grow, there are two survivors.
I hope they all will grow well.

Sorry the weeds are bothering the view, I should do weeding soon.
A fact of a lazy gardener....

Friday, November 27, 2015


This is my Kelor or moringa, today.
A cutting that I got from my neighbor on October.
You can see the cutting here.
Growing so well on my eastern backyard.
I think the fresh green leaves are ready to be picked and cooked as soup.
I must be so delicious and nutritious too....

Tuesday, November 24, 2015


This is the new comer in our home garden this season Kara Benguk  or Velvet Bean (Mucuna pruriens).
I got the seeds from the seed community that following the River Congress on August.
There are three varieties of this bean that I grow
I sowed the seeds on my tiny garden for trial.
Most of them grow so well.
But all of them are climbers.
So they are really taking space in our garden.
One of seven varieties that I've grown, looks grow so lush.
It's making my grey wall turns green and so 'thick', so dense.

The leaves are so thrive, so green...

Look... this is my green wall!

It makes the bitter gourd vines are growing so poor.
So wildly...

Hey... look...!
I'm finding a bunch of flowers!
The color is cute....

I'm finding the young beans too...
The color and the shape are unusual.

I think, I should remove some of the leaves to stimulate the vine on producing both of flower and beans.
Thanks GOD for the blessing...

Sunday, November 22, 2015


Finding a beauty on the terrible weather is a lovely thing.
Look... I found a beautiful blossom in front of our garage this morning.

I don't know when I sowed the seed and also what its name.

I like the color combination and also white splashes on it.

I'm not sure it's the normal size.
It seem smaller than usual.

If the flower is bigger, maybe it will be more interesting.
Whatever, I'm so glad.
More colors on our tiny garden.
Thanks GOD!

Friday, November 20, 2015


This is still the beginning of the rainy season, but our garden looks so messy.
Lots of weeds that grow so rapidly.
And also some vines that's growing like crazy on our backyard.
Growing so fast, climbing here and there.
Capturing anything to hold on...
Like as a mini jungle!
Lots of climbers here.
Some variety of beans, squashes, chayotes, bitter gourd, cucumber and sirih (Piper betel), all grows so thrive.
Lets tidy up...


I feels, something lost on my raised bed.
I didn't notice this area intensively for about two weeks.
Yeah... my lettuce patch, I feels it was 'disappear'.
Self sown amaranths were growing like crazy and taking over the lettuce patch.
Then I did 'weeding', I pulled out the amaranths that grew like as weed. 

Look... this was the patch after weeding...
The lettuces were looked so poor!

I cleaned this space one day later.
Looks much better than before.

I think, it was too late to do weeding, but I hope they will be grow better and better...

Wednesday, November 18, 2015


Something from our home garden that's making me so happy during my busy and tiring weeks...
Yes, I really love sun flower, but I've always failed on growing this beautiful plant.
I don't know how many times I've sowed the seeds.
Some of them failed on germination period, it might caused by the quality of the seeds.
Some others germinated successfully, but died on seedling period.
On August, I sowed four varieties of sunflower; Sunburst, Little Leo, Single Giant and local variety.
I only sowed two seeds each, expect the local variety I sowed ten seeds.
All germinated successfully, but snail have eaten the seedlings just on a night.
I was really disappointed...
The only one survivor was looked so poor at that time, then I moved it on a better place, far from the destroyer.
Yes, our front garden is the better place, more sunshine and wider.
It grows so nice (although it may not so perfect).
I feels so blessed...
Please enjoy the beauty...

This was the flower bud five days ago.

And this was the half opened blossom, two days ago.

So cute...

Sharing space with zinnias and sweet basil on a big pot.

This is my Sunburst today...

Enjoying all detail...

Enjoying its growth...

Enjoying the beauty...
Thanks GOD...

Thursday, November 12, 2015


On August, my neighbor shared me some bean seeds.
Then I sowed them soon.
These are a kind of kara Sumatera or kara krupuk (Phaseolus lunatus).
Actually, I have similar kara like this, but it may the variety is different.
This variety has slimmer leaves.
You can check my first variety here.
This was the kara row on the late of August, about ten days after sowed.

And here the vine today.

Climbing on the wall and also citrus twigs.

Looks so plain, but when we notice, we will find lots of beans are hanging on the vine.

Hmmm... so lovely...

They are curly bean like as the first variety that I have.

Some flowers are produced on the leaf axils.
I love it...

Wednesday, November 11, 2015


Rainy season has come...
We have been having rainy days since last week. 
So refreshing...
Windy rain and downpour make our tiny garden looks so messy.
Some slim twigs with bountiful leaves finally broken and the other were collapsed.
It was not easy for us to tidy up our garden, we only have limited time to do outdoors activities caused by unpleasant weather and also lots of works to be done.

Last Sunday, we had a sunny morning and we tidied up our garden.
We cut lots of branches and slim trees.
Hoping they will grow compactly soon.
My husband worked with his saw, and my daughter collected the fallen leaves and put them on the compost bin.

A tiring day...
Now our garden looks so bright...

Only a high tree and 'dwarf' trees remain.
We hope they will safe from the wind.

Then I put a pot of little fruit tree here, to keep this space green.
More sun shine... so I hope this little tree becomes fruiting soon.

'Sorry Mom, I'm so tired... Let me take a nap...'