Saturday, April 29, 2017


A neglected plant...
For sure, more than four months I moved my only one asparagus into our western backyard, this plant looked so poor.

Actually, I moved this plant from eastern into the western area in order to get more sunshine and also more space.
At that time, the western side get more sunshine.
Time flies, this plant have been stuck in growth since it was moved.
Every time I did gardening activities in this area, this place looked 'closed' by anything.
So, this plant was really really neglected.
The spiny leaves looks a bit withered, brownish and messy. 
Finally, I had time to tidy up our backyard.
And the first priority was moving the asparagus into better place.
Now, I moved this plant on to compost bin.
Lots of sun shine here, more spacious part.   
Hoping it will grow well and healthy.

Thursday, April 27, 2017


This raised bed was so bad in the early of April.
Very embarrassing, a lazy gardener!
I don't know how long I ignored this space.

This raised bed actually was for chili pepper, edible cosmos, eggplant, red amaranth, kangkung and green bean.
Lots of rain made this bed was full of weeds and self seedling vegetables.

The weed was so thick.

The red amaranths looked so poor.

We can find lots of self seedling Japanese lettuces and also edible cosmos (Cosmos caudatus).
A self seedling pumpkin that popped up among the gravel of the path way finally climbing on the A-trellis, scrambling space with the withered green bean vines.
Now, after we tidied up this raised bed, this bed is full for pumpkin.
We keep the volunteer grow well on the trellis.
And give more space on the path way for adding the compost.

Wednesday, April 26, 2017


Three weeks ago we visited our families.
Such a nice moment.
A mini gathering with our big family.
As usual my eyes always look for something 'green' and something new to be planted in our tiny garden.
I went home with four cuttings of Malabar spinach (Basela alba) from my cousin.

And from my aunt, I took a paprika seedling and three red hot peppers for seed.

Now, the only one cutting of Malabar spinach is surviving.
The three others have rotten.
The paprika seedling have transplanted into pot and I'm finding some flower buds there.
What a shame, some kind of aphids are invested here, under the leaves.
And now, I have lost the hot peppers.
I forgot where I put them.
Actually, I should sow the seeds as soon as we can, but now all disappear.
Hoping I can find the peppers soon.

Monday, April 24, 2017


This is the last from our kailan or kale patch.
It's seem too late to harvest these kailan.

Most of them have already flowered.

I think the stem haven't tough yet.
Still crispy and a bit juicy.
I think they will be a tasty stir fried kale with meatball.

Thanks GOD for everything.

Thursday, April 20, 2017


Such a hectic week that we only had limited time to do gardening activities.
So many parts needed to be tidied up soon.
The vine grew here and there.
Trailing on the ground, and covering the pathway. 
The weeds were growing like crazy, it made me mad too.
Two days were not enough to make our garden looked so well.
This was our garden after a little touch.

The west wall a bit brighter now...
Bitter gourd, long bean, white squash, and loofah next to the wall.

Katu (Saorophus androgenus), Rice bean (Vigna umbellata) and white squash...

White pepper that full of fruits on the cap of the well.

Last of our  brassica bed.
Two rows of broccoli, and there're lots of self seedling Cosmos.


The north wall looked so messy...

The rest of our red cabbage patch.
After long term fighting with caterpillar and weed.


Compost bin that full of both of garden and kitchen scarp.

New loofah vine...

Lots of hope from this vine.

Another loofah shoot...

The east wall.
View from the south side.


View from the north side.

Bitter gourd leaves were dominating this patch.
The 'Green wall' was a bit thinner than before.

Hyacinth bean still in it vegetative period.
Needs to be pruned I think.

Four hot peppers under the vine.
Lots of flowers and little fruits there.
We needed more time to make our garden looks better.

Wednesday, April 19, 2017


This is for the first time I grow Kacang Uci or rice bean (Vigna umbellata).

This is the new plant for me.
I have never grown this plant before.

A rare plant, an old fashion plant.
I got the seed from online nursery last year. 

Wikipedia said that both of the young tender pods and leaves are edible.
But this plant is mostly grown for its seeds.

A unique pods...

I really want to know when is the best time to harvest the fresh pods.
And also I have no idea how to cook them.

About five months we have waited the vine producing fresh pods.
Very long time, we only saw very lush leaves, but no flower even more pods.
But now, we can find lots of beautiful yellow flowers and little slim pods.

Beautiful flowers...

So lovely...
Thanks GOD...

Monday, April 17, 2017


Our southern balcony is a bit green right now.

A container that full of greens is spoiling my eyes.

Ten of pakcoy and four celery.
I have forgotten when I planted them.
They might be transplanted in February.

This space is a part shady area. 
Great sun shine in the morning.

The veggies look so fresh.
I like it...

Thanks GOD...

Saturday, April 8, 2017



Mondokaki (Tabernaemontana divaricata)

Begonia rex

Jasminum multiflorum

Mussaenda phillipica




Garlic chive 

Acalypa hispida

Impatiens balsamina

Clitoria ternatea

Cosmos caudatus