Thursday, April 20, 2017


Such a hectic week that we only had limited time to do gardening activities.
So many parts needed to be tidied up soon.
The vine grew here and there.
Trailing on the ground, and covering the pathway. 
The weeds were growing like crazy, it made me mad too.
Two days were not enough to make our garden looked so well.
This was our garden after a little touch.

The west wall a bit brighter now...
Bitter gourd, long bean, white squash, and loofah next to the wall.

Katu (Saorophus androgenus), Rice bean (Vigna umbellata) and white squash...

White pepper that full of fruits on the cap of the well.

Last of our  brassica bed.
Two rows of broccoli, and there're lots of self seedling Cosmos.


The north wall looked so messy...

The rest of our red cabbage patch.
After long term fighting with caterpillar and weed.


Compost bin that full of both of garden and kitchen scarp.

New loofah vine...

Lots of hope from this vine.

Another loofah shoot...

The east wall.
View from the south side.


View from the north side.

Bitter gourd leaves were dominating this patch.
The 'Green wall' was a bit thinner than before.

Hyacinth bean still in it vegetative period.
Needs to be pruned I think.

Four hot peppers under the vine.
Lots of flowers and little fruits there.
We needed more time to make our garden looks better.


  1. The trouble is hen conditions are good for choice plants they are also good for weed growth.

  2. Messy maybe but so many promising new things coming up!

  3. You have so many beautiful vines, Endah. They all look very healthy. P. x

  4. There are a lot of promising vegetables on the row Endah! Happy gardening! ;)