Sunday, August 30, 2015


We can find two art works that made from wooden board, bamboo and aren fruits (Arenga pinnata).
Aren is a kind of palm that grown naturally on the river side.
Bamboo and aren are main plants that grow and support river ecosystem.

The first one is a 'mountain' that made from wooden boxes and aren fruits.
And there are some 'peoples' that work on that mountain.
The people made of dried grass.
I'm not sure what it means, I'm not an art curator...

I'm so sorry, I don't have any night shots.
The night situation is more dramatic.
The boxes that filled by aren fruits is also filled by lamps too.
The lighting effect is awesome.

The second art work is the bamboo wall with hanged aren fruits (Arenga pinnata).

There some holes there, these holes became  great frame for the visitor to take some pictures.

Simple lighting becomes a dramatic effect in the night.

There are four wooden boxes that full of aren fruits under the hanged aren fruits.
Just three kind of material...

Above the wall, there's a simple sentence that written on the Javanese script 'Ambanyu mili' means flows like as water.

Maybe, the bunches of the hanged aren fruit describe the water's flow.
And the boxes are 'ponds' that 'load the water'

These are the aren fruits closer...

Again, I'm not sure what it means.
Whatever it mean,  I'm really interested to this wall.
So beautiful...

Saturday, August 29, 2015


This main gate is made from webbed bamboo.
It's located near the road.
These are view from the road.

Please, ignore the shade of me...
A couple of carrier baskets as a mobile stall for 'dawet' seller.
Dawet is a traditional drink from our town that made from Arenga pinata starch, coconut milk, and palm sugar.

These are picture from the parking area, or the back side.

The night view is more interesting.
The lighting makes a great effect.

And there are several 'statues' that made from grasses 'alang-alang' (Imperata cylindrica) behind this gate.
We can see that from the parking area.
It must be there's a story here.

There are two groups of statue here, both of right and left side.

What a shame, I don't know whom is the artist that design this gate.
I think it's a great art work.

From simple materials become a great art work, so interesting...
Let's check it up.

Thursday, August 27, 2015


This is a very busy week.
Actually, August is always be the most busy month each year.
So many ceremonial events and also celebrations.
Independence Day, our town anniversary, and many more.
And this week we are working as volunteers on 'Kongres Sungai Indonesia' or Indonesian Rivers Congress.
So many communities that concern to the sustainibility of the river's ecosystem meet and discuss to solve so various problems related to the river.
Make so many policies to keep our river be cared.
Rivers as embodiment of the human civilization and also a vital resource for human life.
So many events are hold to support this congress, such as cultural and environmental events.

These are some pictures from the opening ceremony.

Exhibition room...

Additional stage for art performances...

Tents for the river communities...

Main stage for art performance...

Stage for the opening ceremony.

A flower arrangement.

Tent for the guests.

Red carpet for the VVIP guests

Art performance schedule.

Saturday, August 22, 2015


This was about the garden that I talked about yesterday.
Now, I will share about her strawberry patch.
I'm so envy to her strawberry plants, on our hot climate her patch is so lush and productive. 
She got a little strawberry seedling about eight months ago.
Right now, she's having more than thirty pots of strawberry plants.
She shared me a strawberry seedling to be grown on my tiny garden.
Thank you friend!
Lets check it u her strawberry patch...

Friday, August 21, 2015


Last Monday I visited my neighbor's garden.
She is a member of our gardener community.
Just a simple 'garden tour'.
Actually, her home garden is so close from mine.
It's just a little garden, only 30 meters square.
We can find more than thirty varieties of vegetables that grown here.
Lets enjoy her tiny garden...

A little patch of carrot welcoming all of the guest.
Green onion and garlic chives grow so healthy there.

A patch of broccoli seedling looks so lush.

Just two eggplant plants with a lots of long deep purple eggplants were hanging here and there.

Lovely and healthy...

On the end of bed we can find a bamboo trellis that climbed by bitter gourd vine.

Some little bitter gourds were hanging on the vine.

Next to the bed there's a row of cabbage and strawberry on so many stage. 
The biggest stage was lay on the front side. 

The medium stage looks so lush...
And the baby seedlings was side by side...

Look... she was checking the cabbage and strawberry row.

A view of the row from her porch.

Kangkung or water spinach grow so healthy on the cookies tins.

Long yard bean grow so healthy on the edge of the garden.
Cassava stalks have planted as hedge.
She can pick greens from that hedge next.
A very productive garden.

Wednesday, August 19, 2015


My red bean patch looks grows so healthy.
The end of the raised bed is covered by these plants.
Not just flowers, little beans are bearing.
Looks so promising...