Wednesday, August 5, 2015


Almost every part on my backyard have already tidied up.
One part that I want to make over the most is orchid patch. 
I really want to gather all of my orchid collections on a suitable patch.
I means easy to do maintenance and of course suitable condition for growing orchid.
As long, orchid is a fairly difficult plant to be grown (for me...).
Finally, I decided to move all of the orchid from their old patches to a new patch on my backyard.
There are four old patches on my back yard.
I think the old patches are not suitable anymore for their growth.
This was a patch on the western backyard.

And this was a patch on the eastern backyard.
Actually there were three patches on the eastern backyard, but sorry I missed to take pictures of them.

This is the new place, a brick wall on my western backyard.
This space is a part shady area with a medium humidity and of course fairly 'open', so it's easy for me to do handling.

And here they are my collections on their new 'home'.

They are poor orchids.
I hope they will grow so happy and healthy here, and produce lots of flower to cheer my backyard.


  1. Wish you good luck with the orchids on this new place!

  2. And they grow like that? I'm so amazed and jealous now. I just adore orchids but there's no way to grow them here.

    1. Yes, in tropical climate, orchids can grow so well, sometimes we can find orchids that grow wildly on the old trees on road side.