Sunday, August 9, 2015


My plan this weekend is growing creamy chayotes. 

I got three chayote's seedlings as gift this week. 

On my plan, I will plant them on three different places on my garden, exactly on my back yard.

I think they would grow slowly, cause this is still on dry season.
They need cool and fairly humid weather.

On a favorable weather this plant will grow so fast, be a very dense vine.

I have to keep the soil always humid, so keep watering as often as possible.
I hope I will be success, no fail again...

This one is on my western backyard.

And it's on my eastern backyard...
I still have one chayote, but I have no idea where should I plant it.
Actually, growing chayote is a simple thing, just put it on the soil and keep the humidity.
White fly is usually be a serious problem when the plant still young.
I hope I'll be lucky.


  1. These are wonderful pictures of a very unknown plant to me. I have searched on google for the chayote and found they grow in subtropical climates. Interesting plant!

    1. Yes, it's a tropical plant. The common variety has pale green color. But this one is unusual, so I really want to grow it on my own garden.

  2. Endah, I don't know the Chayote plant but it looks very interesting, and as if it is just waiting to burst into growth. I look forward to seeing photos of it as it develops.

    1. Yes, it may so unusual for you. But when you go to tropical countries, you can find this vegetable. Thanks for following

  3. Plant them sprouting end down. See www.mirliton.org