Saturday, August 1, 2015


Actually I have no idea when I see this kind of fruit.
As long as I grow my Wijaya Kusuma or Ephypillum, I have found hundreds of flowers on the three pot plants that I have, but have never formed fruit.
All flower are always wilted soon after blooming.
But this is for the first time I find an Ephypillum fruit.
It's a surprise.

I just let it get ripen on the 'leaf'.
I want to now how about it next.
It must be so interesting.
Reader, have you ever seen an Ephypillum fruit on your own garden?
Please share your experience.
Thank you for sharing.


  1. We've had epiphyllum as house plants and my sister has some now and we have never seen fruits form. It will be interesting to see if they produce seeds.

  2. Welcome to Endah!
    The first time I see the fruits of this plant.
    They look very interesting.
    Greeting from Polish.

    1. Yes, Lucia. This is for the first time I see that fruit too.
      Have a great day,

  3. W naszym klimacie takie kaktusy można mieć tylko w domu na parapecie. Widziałam już kwitnące ale owoc widzę pierwszy raz. To bardzo ciekawe.
    Przesyłam uściski.

  4. Quite interesting, I have one Epyphylllum and in the past many of them, but no experience with fruits, actually I had many flowers but never a seedpod. Exciting trying to sow them.