Monday, June 30, 2014


This is one of my chilli pepper collections this season.

Candle Light Pepper is a type of ornamental pepper.
But of course... hot and tasty too...

The pod is beautiful both of color and shape.
The pods cluster bear on the end of branching.

I sowed three seeds on March, but the only one plant remain.
Mealy bugs and thrips have  destroyed my other collection.


You can see the bugs under the leaves.
Hmmm... really annoying...


The leaves look yellowish, so poor....oh no...


I hope no bugs and other problem on this lovely plant until the pods become ripe and reddish.
I wish....

Sunday, June 29, 2014


Lets peek my eastern balcony...

This month, I still have some kailan.
And the celery become so thrive.
I picked the older leaves for daily needs.

Look my Andewi (endive).... 
This is for my first time growing endive.

These are pakcoy 'Wazuka' that grow so slowly this season.
Some of them were rotten.

The curly mustards grow so well here.

I still have a pot of red lettuce for seeds, and green mustard.
Thrips be a serious problem in this patch.
Hope everything will be OK.

Saturday, June 28, 2014


This is one of my favorite plant, Parijoto (Medinilla arboricola).
This plant is usually found on the slope of the hills or riverside on the high land.
This plant loves cool area, and adaptable on the part shady area.
I love the fruits and also the little flowers.
Both of flower and young fruit have sour taste.
The black ripe fruit is fleshy and sweet.
This plant always remind me in to my childhood.
Last week, while I was waiting for my sister, I visited a nursery on the road side.
I found a lot of Parijoto trees there.
I was interested and bought two varieties of Parijoto.
Although the Nursery man said that both of them were the same variety, but when I noticed all part of the plants they looked different.
So I took home two little trees of Parijoto.
I'm so busy for last two weeks, so I planted the little tree a week after I took it home.
I hope they will be OK, and grow so well on the pots.
They will make my balcony more green and beautiful.
And of course give me more various fruit for my family.
Hope the will adaptable on our warm weather.
What did you grow this week, reader?
Did you grow a special plant this week?
Happy gardening...


On the end of  May, me and my husband made some additional raised beds on my back yard.
We need more space for vegetable patch.
But after that we were so busy and no more time to keep our garden tidy.

We sowed buncis (green bean) seeds on this bed.
We should gave bamboo supports for this vines.
But we forgot about it.
We usually prepare the support before plant it.
So... I use Rambutan's branches as supports.
Look the vines right now...

Although we gave minimal handling, the vines grow so well
We can find some flower cluster are blooming.
And... some little beans are hanging on the vine.
Hope no bugs and caterpillar stopping by.
Growing happily my vines...

Thursday, June 26, 2014


When I was walking on my back yard to check up all part of my raised beds, I found my Pare or bitter gourd vine looked so poor.
Last week, this vine looked so thrive such a dense bush.

Look the leaves...

It must be caterpillar attack.

Then I checked the vine, and I found more than ten green caterpillar under the rolled leaves.
Oh please...

I'm lucky that  this is still a beginning of serious infestation.
So this vine could be avoided from the serious damage.
Pick the  infested leaves and keep the vine from these green caterpillars.

During this month I have not noticed my raised bed, cause rain trough the weeks and I was so busy, so... I only had a limited time to gardening.
Hope no serious problem in my little garden forward.

Wednesday, June 25, 2014


Lets peek my 'kitchen garden'....
Yeah... gardening on the kitchen..., on the sink area.
The bag logs of Oyster mushroom or Jamur Tiram are still there.
This morning  one of my six mushroom's bag logs is looking so special.
I'm finding a very big mushroom on it.
This one is the biggest that I have ever harvested before.
My son is really interested.
He is very happy with his harvest today.
May be next, I will find the bigger...
So... this one won't be the biggest any more.
I hope... 


This is my terrace garden today.
So wet...
We still have a lot of rain through this month, it should be dry.
Will the dry season come too late?
I don't know and I'm not sure.
Big rains made my little plants broken and then rotten.
So...I have resowed some seeds to keep my garden 'green'.
Let's peek my terrace garden...

View from west side

North Rack :

Garlic chives, soy beans, Kailan 'Nova', celeries, brussel sprout, habanero, eggplants, Round leaved kailan, green amaranth, and packcoy


Brussel sprout

West Rack :

Mondrengan, Zucchini, cabbage, Portulaca, red amaranths, Kailan Nova, celery, garlic chives, broccoli and green onion

Mondrengan; potted 'edible weed'

Red amaranths and broccoli

Kucai/garlic chives

Garlic chive's flowers

Center row :

Broccoli, kangkung, green amaranth, stripped amaranth, ranti and soy beans

Stripped and green amaranth

My 'Herb's tower' : Sweet basil, basil, cinnamon basil, and celery

Basil Genovese