Thursday, June 12, 2014


Don't you notice my messy back yard, please...
Yeah... I haven't had enough time to tidying up my raised beds.
It's so embarrassing...

I was taking a garden walk this morning to check all parts of my back yard.
And I found this...

My papaya tree was showing me the green-orange fruit.
In Java, we call this fruit Gandul or Kates.
Jingga means orange color.
So... gandul Jingga means Orange Papaya, cause the flesh have bright orange color.

It's too high... more than six meters.
I don't know how many time my husband have planned to cut down this tree.
I have always asked him to delay his plan.
This plant still produce some fruits for us.

I have to use a ladder to reach this ripe fruit.
For last two week, I found some nearly mature fruits have fallen on the ground.
We think that this tree is not healthy enough. 

Today we are getting fresh fruit from our own home garden.

Look so fresh and appetizing...
It must be so yummy eat them on our hot day.
I can't wait to eat this fruit. 

Reader, do you have special fruit for this week?
Please share...
I'm so glad to hear your 'fruity experiences' for this week...
Thank you...


  1. Wspaniały, duży owoc. Nie mam jeszcze zbyt dużo własnych owoców. Wczoraj zbierałam poziomki i borówki kamczackie - są bardzo smaczne i idealne na deser. Przesyłam serdeczne pozdrowienia.

    1. Sounds so interesting.
      Thank you for coming.
      Enjoy your fruits and have a nice weekend!

  2. You are braver than me climbing a ladder. We only have strawberries at the moment.

    1. Yes... and I really love to see your strawberries patch. So interesting!

  3. Not really a fruit but we have been getting some really nice muskmelons. It is hard to cut a tree like that but some time you have to. You do so much with your yard, if only it was large enough for chickens!

    1. Muskmelon... sounds so interesting! I have never seen and of course eaten it. I hope someday you will show me your muskmelon.
      Yeah... I have a chicken pen on the corner of my backyard. It's opposite with the angle of the pictures above. But may be I'm not 'talented' on raising chicken. I have never success on it. Your healthy chickens make me so jealous.

  4. Oh I hope he doesn't cut the tree down..you will miss getting that yummy fruit. In my yard we have strawberries. I have a peach tree but it will be a few years before it bares.
    We also have 3 blueberry bushes. Endah did you find Sunflowers seeds for your garden? have a wonderful evening in Indonesia.

    1. I have sowed some papaya seeds. I hope the quality is much better. I will cut this tree if only the new trees have already on their flowering stage.
      Strawberry, blueberry and peach... these are very very special fruit for me. Hoping I could grow them on my home garden someday. We only find processed peach and blueberry here, so its fresh fruits are so rare.
      Oh what a shame... my husband bought me two package of little variety's sunflowers, and I have already sowed the seeds. But no seeds were sprouted. Then I bought little package of local sunflower seeds. They were sprouted and grew till the heigh about a feet, but the mealy bug were destroying my lovely sunflower plants. Last week I sowed only three sunflower seeds on my rsised bed. Hope they will sprouting and grow so well.
      Thank you for coming, and have a wonderful weekend.

  5. That fruit is awesome!!! No other words except beautiful! I don't have fruit growing yet but hopefully berries will be coming soon! Happy weekend to you!!! Nicole xoxo

    1. Thanks Nicole!
      Berries always grow so well on your climate, so lovely. I dreams, someday I could find so many berries on my home garden.
      Have a wonderful weekend!

  6. Welcome to Endah!
    Beautiful fruit. My guess is that it is very tasty.
    At my ripe cherries, strawberries, strawberries and blueberries Kamchatsky.
    These fruits are very delicious.
    I send greetings.

    1. Sounds so interesting, so yummy. No fresh cherries and blueberries here. How lucky you are!
      Thank you for coming and have a beautiful weekend!

  7. Your garden looks wonderful even if you say it's messy! I love the tropical look. Papayas are one of my favorite fruit, how I wish we can grow them. Maybe if we move to Hawaii someday, ha ha! We just found out the house we bought have a peach tree but the peaches aren't ripe yet so we're waiting. I have no idea how to to take care of the peach tree but we'll see. Enjoy your day, the yummy papayas and warm weather :)

    1. Thank you Priscilla!
      Yeah... you should move to Hawaii first and then growing papaya and banana there... lol.
      I'm really interested to your peach tree. I have never seen the tree is grown here. I hope you will find the best way to take care your peach tree.
      Have a wonderful weekend!

  8. I love papaya, Endah, but it is not sold here very often. At the moment we have fresh berries: black currant and red currant berries. The bushes are full of them, yummy!

    1. Yummy... You make me so jealous... We couldn't find fresh blackcurrant and redcurrant here. We only find these fruits as a jam or syrup.
      Thank you for visiting and following my blog.