Tuesday, September 30, 2014


A plenty of vermilion cherry or Dewandaru's fruit this week.
I pick a handful of these cherries almost everyday.
The sweet-sour and tender flesh, so fresh...

The green amaranth looks so lush, my son really love it.
This week I picked twice and cooked it as a soup.

Aha... two papayas from my back yard for this week.
My son is really love it so much.
In our hot weather these fruits are so refreshing.

Three cauliflowers have cooked as soup this week.

The last harvest on my bitter gourds vines, cause by green caterpillar attack.
The new plant is showing me the first flowers.

This week is a tomato week.
I pick a lots of tomato everyday.
There are red cherry tomato, black cherry tomato, tomato 'Kaliurang' and tomato 'Mawar'.
Tomatoes 'Mawar' or rose are so juicy and have a sweet-sour taste, so delicious.

Kara bean (Pasheolus lunatus) still produce lots of beans this week.
I pick a handful of beans each two days.

For the first time I picked round leaved kailan.
Yesterday, I made kailan stir fried with tofu and little shrimps.
The taste is great.


My eastern front yard is full of flower right now.
Although just a wild flower...
Yeah... I grow Ajeran (Bidens alba) to add more white color in my front yard.
This plant is well known as weed that grow well on the roadside or pasture.

I love to see this plant never stop blooming.
Just a simple flower.
Like as Dahlia.... I love it...

Monday, September 29, 2014


Nothing special...
Just a few time for gardening and dry weather make there's nothing good progress in this part.
Some vegetable pots should be unloaded, because their productive period were over.
I moved several ornamental peppers into this site.
I this my balcony is much safer than my terrace garden.
Because this windy and dry weather is not favorable to my lovely plants.
Very strong winds made so many stalks have broken on my terrace garden.
So, I moved five pots of ornamental peppers from my balcony.
Here they are.... my eastern balcony this morning.

Southern side...
Curly Mustard, celery, pak coi and ornamental peppers in the row.

Sawi  (Chinese mustard) grows so well, looks like a huge green rose.

Caisin, I think this plant needs more compost, looks so poor...

Green pakcoi, although it doesn't have  good shape, but the taste is very good.

Bunga ekor kucing (Acalypha hispida pendula) makes this balcony so colorful.

Celery, still grow well  on a small container, great for daily use.

Northern side...

Ornamental peppers and curly mustards.

Curly mustards are starting their generative period.
Bolting, but I can see their beautiful yellow flowers are cheering my balcony.
And I will get lots of seeds for the next season.

Cabe ceremai, a variety of ornamental pepper, I can find so many flower buds on the main shoot.
I can't wait to see the fruit.

Both of green and red lettuce are bolting right now.

The green lettuce get bolting earlier, and some seeds have been mature.
I can find some self seedling of lettuces under this plant.

Sunday, September 28, 2014


I think this dry season is a party for my chili peppers.
They looks grow so happy...
One by one show me their beautiful fruits.
Several plants have grown from my compost heap, some plants have grown from my kitchen scraps.
Yea, I often throw away my kitchen scrap or spread it on my raised beds.
You can see my kitchen scrap right now....

Several months ago, I threw some seeds of Cabe Rawit Hijau Besar (big green hot chili)on my raised bed.
As a kitchen scrap I didn't take a high expectation to these seeds.
Yeah... they could grow as volunteers.

I have never noticed this bed until I found a chili plant that full of flowers.
This bed was covered by bitter gourd vines.
When the productive period of these vines was over, I cleaned the raised bed from the old vine and I found it. 

This plant grow so healthy on the part shady area.
The green fruits are hanging on the branches, so fresh...
I guess, they are so hot.

I think this plant was free from bugs, but when I noticed all part of this plant, I found a grasshopper on the little fruit.
Oh... please...

A grasshopper again...
Two grasshopper could be a serious problem on this plant.
They could chew the leaves, flowers and also the little fruits.
Go away... please...

I wish, this plant will save and produce a plenty of fruits.
Happy gardening, and have a nice weekend

Saturday, September 27, 2014


This season, I'm doing trial on several varieties of vegetables.
Lobak or white long radish is on my plant list.
We also call it as Daikon (Lobak Jepang).
They grew so well at the first, but bolting have been coming so early, before the tubby root established and become bigger.
But no problem, as the first trial I get something interesting, a new lesson.
At least I can see and know how beautiful the radish flower is.
So... I find beautiful flowers on my terrace garden as a treat.
How  does about the roots..... I will think about that again on the next planting.

Now... I'm enjoying the beautiful flowers that I have never seen before...
Enjoy your weekend and happy gardening...

Friday, September 26, 2014


Last week, my friend brought us two bunches of bananas.
We call it 'pisang raja Bandung'.
Although just local variety with common appearance, but the taste was so delicious. Sweet and tender.
The bananas were harvested from her home garden.
Yes, tree ripen fruits.
The ripen fruit is great to be be eaten fresh.
The ripen fruit with the yellowish green  skin and quite tough pulp is great to be fried or steamed.
Reader, what is your special fruit this week?

Thursday, September 25, 2014


This dry season, my terrace garden looks so bare.
Very dry weather with a strong wind almost happened everyday.
The hot temperature in the morning until afternoon, but so cold in the night.
So many bugs spread quickly, and made so many damages.
Just a few time on gardening this month, cause I have a lot of work to be done.
This is my terrace garden this morning...

Northern side :

Cabbages, tomato 'Kaliurang', white radish (lobak), long peppers, pakcoy, amaranths, eggplants, cauliflowers, sweet basil, celery and flowery mustard.

Green and striped amaranths as volunteer on eggplant's pot.

Lobak (white radish/daikon), the survivor...

Sawi bunga (flowery mustard), I can't wait to see and cook the flowers...

Cabbage 'Grand 22' saved from caterpillar attack...

Row of cauliflower, ready to be harvested...

Eastern side :

Brussel sprout, dill, fennel, green pakcoy, chrysanthemum, thai basil, sweet basil, impatient, Filius Blue pepper and Coleus, all on the plant holder.

Green Pakcoy on a little pot...

Red chrysanthemum adds more color...

Dill, love the smell and the spiny leaves...


Tapak dara / Periwinkle, love the color...

Western side :

Broccoli, celery, garlic chives, basil Genovese, red lettuce, and amaranths (red, green and striped)

Southern side :

Cabbage 'Ruby Perfection', Kale di Toscana, carrot, red amaranths, endive, chard Bright Light, Mustard, Lettuce, tomato and coleus.

Lettuce, a day after transplanting and coleus row from cutting.

Chard, the only one pot remain...