Wednesday, September 3, 2014


Last month my broccoli patch was so poor.
You can see here
I have had no idea to make it better.
I let them, just watering...

But look.... what I found last week.
Each plants showing me its new fresh shoot.

It was  really new life.
Look the difference between the shoot and lower leaves.
So different....

I also found two broccoli plants were showing me their curds.

Not too bad I think.

This is a new lesson for me.
Don't be discouraged.
There's always a new hope behind calamities.

Readers, do you have an experience like mine?
Please share...
Thank you and have a nice week.


  1. We are just picking broccoli now. In the past we have had late recoverys.

  2. Yes, that is kind of what mine did. You can break off those flower heads and stir fry them otherwise they will start to bloom and not be as good, try them, they should be be good by the look of them.

  3. caisim saya juga baru saja habis dimakan ulat, xi xi...
    senang ya broccoli nya tumbuh lagi,

    1. Menanam famili Brassica memang butuh ketelatenan, famili ini sangat disukai ulat, telat sehari saja tanaman sudah ludes.