Sunday, January 31, 2021


That's not a happy ending story...

Such a shame... my lovely hot chilli plant looks so poor, while the fruits were so bountiful...

about last six days the leaves looked withered, but day by day the condition became worse and worse...

I didn't know why... I have no idea.

It seem like something infected the root part, it might a kind of fungus.

I thing... nothing can help.

So... just did hard pruning.

And harvested all the chillies earlier.

It's OK... 
we have lots of chillies right now, and there's new space for new plants.


January is one of the wet month of the year.
Lots of rain...
Our garden look wet and a bit mess caused by the downpour.
Some of perennial vegetables, mostly greens, are growing so well and so fast too.
But not for our annual crops, they looks so poor...
So our harvest are mostly perennial greens.
Such a shame... I often forgot to take any pictures of our harvest.
Just picked and cooked soon.
Lets check it up ...

Some edible weeds on the basket and also greens from 'Pepaya Jepang' (Cnidoscolus aconitifolius).

Kenikir leaves (Cosmos caudatus), Kembang telang or blue butterfly pea (Clitoria ternatea),  hot chilies, Roselle and pumpkin flowers.

Roselle for healthy drink, and pumpkin flowers for tempura.

A kind of  Kara Wedus (Lablab purpureus), we picked the beans before the vine have pruned.

Lots of hot chilies

Lots of red roselle , We should pick them every day.

Long yard beans, cucumber, oyster mushroom and eggplant.

Hot long peppers...

"Lembayung' or young long yard bean leaves, great for  gravy soup with coconut milk.

Daun Katuk (Sauropus androgynus) great for clear soup.

We picked limes almost every day from our porch.
So refreshing make a lime drink with honey.

Lettuces, hot chilli peppers, tomato, long yard bean, and butterfly pea.

Pumpkin leaves and shoot for soup, hot chillies, long yard bean, Kara wedus, and the only one butternut pumpkin.

Twice a week we picked 'Kacang panjang' aka long yard bean (Vigna unguiculata).
We get about a handful of beans, every harvest.

Get a basket of 'Lembayung' as a bonus from pruning time.

 Lots of chayote shoots (Sechium edule) as a bonus from pruning time too. 
A lovely bonus from the invader.
Thanks GOD...

Friday, January 29, 2021


Looks nothing special with our little acerola tree.

Our Acerola or barbados cherry (Malpighia emarginata) have been growing here in our tiny garden since 2011.
We grow it on a pot.

At the first, we put it on the back yard.
Then we moved it, in to the southern balcony to get more sun shine.
Such a shame, the growth was not good enough.
This little tree blooming almost all year long since the second year, but we only find two fruits two years ago. We can check here
After the front fence reconstruction on January last year, we moved the pot in to the front yard.
Such a shame, this plant got more shade here, so... we had no hope to find the fruits. 
We found lots of flowers, but all fallen. Sometimes we found the tiny fruits have fallen too.
Right now... our tiny garden get more sunshine after our neighbor cut down several big trees near our home garden.

A big surprise that this week we found a great thing.

Two red Acerola were hanging on the tree.

Sorry... I couldn't take  any good shots.

Too high...

Now... we got two fruits

So we can taste the sweet sour pulp.

So juicy...
so fresh...

Thanks GOD...

Wednesday, January 27, 2021


 There's a beautiful color last three weeks in our tiny back yard.

Yes... the blue Melastoma is blooming almost everyday.

Love the vibrant color.

Tuesday, January 26, 2021


Finding this lovely self grown 'Ciplukan' aka golden berry (Physalis angulata) on Aglaonema pot.
So lush, great as a volunteer.
My children really love these sweet berries.
Seem we need no big effort to get lovely things.
Thanks GOD