Friday, January 29, 2021


Looks nothing special with our little acerola tree.

Our Acerola or barbados cherry (Malpighia emarginata) have been growing here in our tiny garden since 2011.
We grow it on a pot.

At the first, we put it on the back yard.
Then we moved it, in to the southern balcony to get more sun shine.
Such a shame, the growth was not good enough.
This little tree blooming almost all year long since the second year, but we only find two fruits two years ago. We can check here
After the front fence reconstruction on January last year, we moved the pot in to the front yard.
Such a shame, this plant got more shade here, so... we had no hope to find the fruits. 
We found lots of flowers, but all fallen. Sometimes we found the tiny fruits have fallen too.
Right now... our tiny garden get more sunshine after our neighbor cut down several big trees near our home garden.

A big surprise that this week we found a great thing.

Two red Acerola were hanging on the tree.

Sorry... I couldn't take  any good shots.

Too high...

Now... we got two fruits

So we can taste the sweet sour pulp.

So juicy...
so fresh...

Thanks GOD...


  1. Dear Endah,
    you have interesting and special tree. I have read that the fruit are very juicy and tasty.
    I also read:
    ' Flower pollination depends on external agents and the effect of pollination influences fruit yield as the number of established fruit may decrease due to self-incompatibility and the absence of an effective pollination'
    So maybe you have little fruit due to pollination, who knows?

    1. wow... Thank you for sharing the knowledge, Nadezda!

  2. Spore te owoce, większe od naszych wiśni. Czasem do zapylenia trzeba posadzić obok drugą odmianę, tak jak jest z actinidią.

  3. Wow your acerola tree is so big! Mine is a bonsai LOL. The fruit probably not as big as yours too LOL.

    1. Yea... the growth of this little tree became so fast after we moved it in to our front yard.

  4. Just goes to show that you need lots of patience when you grow fruit.

  5. They look delicious. I hope you will continue to enjoy more fruits in the years ahead.

  6. I know acerola in the form of tablets. You can taste the fruit.
    A healthy, happy week.

  7. Essa planta também se pode cultivar em Portugal.
    Os seus frutos têm largos benefícios para a saúde.
    Juvenal Nunes