Thursday, July 31, 2014


The fourth day have overcame.   
We have been continuing our trip.
I can't remember how many houses that we have been visiting on the last four days, and how many peoples that we have encountered.

On the forth day, we had a mini family gathering.
Yeah,  cause there were only three small families (eleven person) that gathered on that moment.
We enjoyed the lunch on a traditional restaurant that full of nice conversation and happiness.
So many conversations about the past were so interesting.

The bamboo huts on the fish pond and a small citrus orchard next to the hut made the  atmosphere became so nice and warm.

So many beautiful plants were grown around this restaurant.
But this pink Hydrangea was stolen my attention.
It was growing so happy on a big pot near the entrance.
Looked cheerful...
Welcoming all the guests who come with its beauty...

Wednesday, July 30, 2014


Yesterday, we started our trip to the low land area after we went around the high land.
We went to my husband's home town.
A sunny day... looked so nice at the first.
But the hot weather and the traffic jam made the trip became less of pleasure.
We needed longer time on the way.

Such a tiring trip, but all unpleasant things were disappear when we met our big family.
The first place that we've visited was our Uncle's house on a little village.
Spent the time with a very nice conversation.
Enjoy the neighborhood, hospitality, the very nice weather and of course the beautiful nature. 

A peaceful place.
The hot weather was reduced by a plenty trees on the garden.
Every house had a wide home garden that full of fruity trees, such as banana, coconut, guava, papaya, tamarind, mango, orange, and many more. 
Sitting on the wide porch enjoyed the talks and the breezy.
Time passed so fast... and we continued our trip to the nearest beach 'Jati Malang'.
That was about ten kilometers from our uncle's house.

The beach was very crowded.
All visitors wanted to enjoy the sunset here.

But we're not lucky...
The clouds were hanging on the sky.

My son looked so happy playing on the sand.
Running  here and there, chased the waves.

When the sun began to sink, and the sky was getting dark, we left the beach to get dinner on seafood restaurant.
After dinner, we went home to my in-law's house, took a rest and prepared the next trip tomorrow.

Tuesday, July 29, 2014


Yesterday morning, we visited our mother's grave.
My girl brought a single rose, and put it on the grave, just a local rose. loved rose.
Hope the fragrance and the beauty of this rose would make her happy.
Our prayer were sent along with this rose.
Rest in peace, our lovely mother.

Monday, July 28, 2014


Yesterday, we visited our family on my home town.
We met our granny, aunts, uncles, nephews, nieces, cousins and many more.
Such a lovely day, but we had rain a long the afternoon, so we couldn't do anything outside.
I love to take pictures on our beautiful home town, but I've loosen that beautiful moment.
When we were visiting my little Grandma, the rain stopped for a moment, but the cloud still hanged on the sky and little shower sprinkled, so the quality of my pictures weren't good enough.

We really loved to visiting this place, a little house on the farmland.
Her little house was surrounded by rice fields.

There was a wide fish pond with the very clear water in front her house.
Yes, a fresh water from a spring  near it.
Looks like a little lake.

She have been planting so various vegetables and Indonesian herbs on  her garden.
I can't mentioned one by one, too much...

There were two bamboo's arches that full of chayote vines on the side yard, and the fruits were hanging there happily.

We could find  a row of roses a long the pond's side.
But I'm so sorry, the rain make the petals have fallen down on to the ground.

I hope next time we have a nice weather to enjoying that beautiful and natural place.
Now, we are continuing our trip to another place.
Have a wonderful week...

Sunday, July 27, 2014


For all moslem all over the world:
Happy Eid Mubarak...
Yesterday we started an old tradition 'silaturahmi', means visiting our big family during the holiday.

We have been leaving our home and garden for several days.
So... this week I will post about our trip, yeah mobile posting.
I'm so sorry we've gotten internet problem connection, loosen the signal and 'traffic jam'.
Hope this week we have much better connection.

Saturday, July 26, 2014


Vanilla is well known as a food flavoring.
It's really popular all over the world.
The flavor is so special, so a lot of peoples love vanilla.
The  'bean' usually is sold on the groceries for cooking or baking. 
We can also find the essential oil of vanilla for aromatherapy.
The essential oil of vanilla is used as antidepressant, antipiretik and give nice feeling. 
Did you feel better after drinking vanilla ice cream?
If we get headache or dizzy, why do not we try to use vanilla to treat it.

We also find vanilla's oleoresin on pasta form, that used as stuff in perfumery, food and beverages industries.

If we notice the vine, I think you will agree with me if I will grow it as ornamental.
The flower is so beautiful.
If I get fail on the pollinating process, at least I still get the beauty of its flower.
I hope you all have been enjoying this series.
I've shared all that I've known, although it just a little.
I should learn more about this plant and how to processing the 'bean'.
Yes, actually 'bean' is incorrect term to called this fruit, it should be called pod.
But no problem...as long as we have the same perception about this fruit.
I need more than nine months to prepare this series, and preserve to you all as seven day-monthly series.
Thank you so much reader for following this series.
See you on the next monthly series.
Have a nice weekend.

Friday, July 25, 2014


Yes... it needs patience...
We have to wait the ripening process get finish for about 8-9 months.
It's a very long period...

During the ripening process, this plant needs a favorable weather to get a high quality vanilla's beans.
On the harvesting season, the vanilla estate or garden will full of sweet fragrance of vanilla.
So nice...

This was the last condition of vanilla garden on Seedling Division.
I took some pictures there on July 21, and of course looked for some ripe fruits for air freshener in my living room.
The garden is full of vanilla scent.
Look the yellowish or black beans on the vine...
We are getting the ripe beans!
The smell is so sweet....

The over ripening vanilla' bean is usually cracked on its end, and the fragrance is so strong spread all over the garden.
The best time to pick the bean is when the bean get yellowish, before it's cracked.
The fresh beans are collected and then will blanched on the boiled water  just for a moment about 10-20 seconds.
After that, the blanched beans are drained over the absorbent cloth.
The blanched process is usually done on the afternoon.

If the bean have already getting dry, the bean will be fermented overnight on the absorbent cloth or the wooden fermentation box.
We put the beans on the absorbent cloth then covered it with the absorbent cloth too.
This early fermentation process is called 'sweating'.
The fermentation process is done to increase levels of vanillin on the 'bean'.
So... the aroma will much better.

The fermentation process is finished in the morning.
So the cloth will be opened and then we move the 'beans' onto drying tray to be sun dried.
Then we put the vanilla 'beans' to the fermentation box or cloth again in the night for previous fermentation.
The drying process is about 4-7 days.
The drying process is also carried fruit selection process.
It should not be exposed to direct sunlight, so the vanillin quality will be maintained either.
The drying process will be finished if the water content is about  25%.
Actually there are a lot of way in processing vanilla fruits, the process above is the simplest way.
If we do more complicated process, so we will get the better quality of 'bean' which contains high level of vanillin.
Ok readers, now we've gained the dry 'bean', that ready to be selected and then sold.
Next, we will talk about the use and benefit of vanilla.
See you tomorrow... and have an aromatic week...

Thursday, July 24, 2014


One day after pollination we will know which flowers are successfully pollinated.But not all of pollination is success.
Only 50 - 80% of pollination will set fruits.
If flower is pollinated successfully, the flower will be wilted for several day, and still stand on the flower stalk until the little fruit have formed.
Fruit set is formed about 1-2 weeks after pollination. 
If the pollination is fail, the flower will fallen on to the ground one day later.

On the fruiting season, this plant needs nice humidity and warm temperature.
Too wet weather makes the fruit get rotten, but too dry and hot weather makes the fruit get dried then fallen.
This was the garden on February 2014, it means the fruits are about six month old after pollination.

This fruits must be on their favorable weather to getting mature and forming a nice flavor.
Too much rain makes the vanilla beans have low in vanillin.

The ripening period of the fruit is about 8-9 months.
It's so long....
We have to check the fruit clusters periodically, to make it sure no bugs and the garden's condition is favorable.
We also have to elevate soil around the plant to avoid puddles on the ground that could be make the stem get rotten.
The main problem is blight that caused by Fusarium oxysporum
Fusarium usually infested Vanila during wet and warm weather, also on bad drainage farm.
Have a wonderful week with my vanilla.

Wednesday, July 23, 2014


Vanilla usually gets early flowering at the first year after transplanting.
The flowering season usually occur during the rainy season.

The flower clusters appear from the segment on the leaf axil. 

There are 15-25 flower buds each cluster, even more.

Vanilla does have a very beautiful flower.
It looks like a common orchid's flower.

The yellowish-green petal is so interesting.
It only blooms about 3-4 hours in the morning.
It usually blooms since 06.00-10.00 AM .

On the wildlife, this pollination is done by the little bee species.
The pistil position is rater closed.
It's not easy for the 'big' pollinator to get inside and do pollination.
On the farmland or garden, we usually do hand pollination.
The best time to do pollination is on the early morning. 
It's usually done at 06.00-08.00 AM, when the flower is full blooming.

Can you imagine how busy the farmers in the morning to do pollination during the flowering season.
They only have a limited time to do pollination on so many flowers that blooming at these time.
This was the last flowering season on September 2013.
It's so much pleasure to follow all section of this plant.
Next we will  talk about fruiting of this vanilla.
Have an aromatic day with my vanilla.

Tuesday, July 22, 2014


Vanilla has very long stem, it's up to 50 meter.
The vanilla stems has some segments.
Each segment is about 10-20 cm.

Each stem segment appears root.
This is the type of aerial root

The roots will firmly attached to the bark of the shading tree or other support.

Each root is located side by side to the leaf on each segment.

The main shoot will grow lengthwise, if we don't cut it.
So we have to cut the long stem to set the canopy.

We usually grow Vanilla from stem cutting.
We only need stem that is not too old, also not too young.
The cutting is about two or three segments. 
Then we put the cutting on the seedling media.
The seedling media consists of mixture of sand and compost.

The seedling is ready to be transplanted after the new shoots have 4-5 segment.
It's need about 3-4 months.
We have to prepare a planting hole with compost on it, near the trunk of the shading tree.
This plant is need high humidity, but doesn't like wet land.
Next we will talk about the pollination.
Enjoy your day, and have a wonderful day with the vanilla's fragrance.