Friday, July 25, 2014


Yes... it needs patience...
We have to wait the ripening process get finish for about 8-9 months.
It's a very long period...

During the ripening process, this plant needs a favorable weather to get a high quality vanilla's beans.
On the harvesting season, the vanilla estate or garden will full of sweet fragrance of vanilla.
So nice...

This was the last condition of vanilla garden on Seedling Division.
I took some pictures there on July 21, and of course looked for some ripe fruits for air freshener in my living room.
The garden is full of vanilla scent.
Look the yellowish or black beans on the vine...
We are getting the ripe beans!
The smell is so sweet....

The over ripening vanilla' bean is usually cracked on its end, and the fragrance is so strong spread all over the garden.
The best time to pick the bean is when the bean get yellowish, before it's cracked.
The fresh beans are collected and then will blanched on the boiled water  just for a moment about 10-20 seconds.
After that, the blanched beans are drained over the absorbent cloth.
The blanched process is usually done on the afternoon.

If the bean have already getting dry, the bean will be fermented overnight on the absorbent cloth or the wooden fermentation box.
We put the beans on the absorbent cloth then covered it with the absorbent cloth too.
This early fermentation process is called 'sweating'.
The fermentation process is done to increase levels of vanillin on the 'bean'.
So... the aroma will much better.

The fermentation process is finished in the morning.
So the cloth will be opened and then we move the 'beans' onto drying tray to be sun dried.
Then we put the vanilla 'beans' to the fermentation box or cloth again in the night for previous fermentation.
The drying process is about 4-7 days.
The drying process is also carried fruit selection process.
It should not be exposed to direct sunlight, so the vanillin quality will be maintained either.
The drying process will be finished if the water content is about  25%.
Actually there are a lot of way in processing vanilla fruits, the process above is the simplest way.
If we do more complicated process, so we will get the better quality of 'bean' which contains high level of vanillin.
Ok readers, now we've gained the dry 'bean', that ready to be selected and then sold.
Next, we will talk about the use and benefit of vanilla.
See you tomorrow... and have an aromatic week...


  1. I didn't see and insects trying to eat the beans, maybe bugs don't like vanilla?

    1. I don't think so. Sting bug and black ant usually make some holes on the fruit, and it makes the fruit get rotten soon.

  2. I always wonder how anyone came up with this sort of process in the first place. Do you make vanilla extract tomorrow just sell while beans?

    1. Yes, I think every one will think about that. The process to make vanilla extract is so complicated and need accuracy, so the farmer usually sell vanilla while beans. The extraction process is done on the factories.

  3. WOW! What a long time to wait but the rewards are plentiful! Lovely day to you!!!! Nicole xo

    1. yes, very very long time. Thank you, Nicole. Have a nice week.

  4. I can just imagine how fragrant that pile of vanilla beans will be.

  5. waw... pasti harum sekali ya Bu, saya suka wangi vanila, ditunggu posting selanjutnya. masih berlanjut tentang vanila kan...?

  6. I'd like to be in a garden that smells vanilla, it must be a beautiful experience!

    1. oh... of course. A very interesting experience.

  7. To wszystko bardzo ciekawe. Nie wiedziałam jak się postępuje z wanilią. Ale jej piękny zapach bardzo lubię. Pozdrawiam cieplutko.

    1. Thank you Ewa. Yes. need a patience and very long time to reach all that we want. Have a nice day