Tuesday, September 17, 2013


Do you like coffee?
Are you coffee lover...?
Coffee morning... it's my daily activity.
I'm a coffee lover...
Coffee - addict... I'm not sure...
But I never spend my day without a cup of coffee.
I'm sure you all ever drink coffee.
But, have you ever seen coffee plant?
My parent have a tiny coffee plantation. 
My childhood is on coffee environment.
Right now, in front my front yard there is a coffee plant
Every time the coffee plant is blooming, my memory back to my childhood.
Coffee flowers are so fragrant and stand on for three days.
There are three types of coffee plant in Indonesia.
These are arabica, robusta and excelsa.
Arabica is a little/dwarft type of coffee. 
It's growing well in high land tropics.
Robusta is a high type of coffee.
It's growing well in low land and middle land tropics.
And the last, Excelsa is a huge coffee tree. 
It's so rare, and exotic coffee plant, look like a teak tree.
Sometime I visit my parent plantation, especially on harvesting season.
But I haven't been visited there for about a year.
I love coffee... and I'm longing for coffee fragrant...
My parent planted robusta type.
This is  my parent's coffee plants.

mix cropping : coffee, caladium, banana and Albizia

Coffee will grow well in part shady area


Flowering coffee plants...

Robusta type

look like jasmine...

Fruiting and flowering stage at the same moment

Arabica type (I took this picture in front of Paninggaran tea factory)

I'm glad if you all enjoy this coffee break.
See you  on the second part ...


  1. That was a very fascinating post. I'm not a big coffee drinker, but I must confess I had never seeen a coffee flower even though I enjoy a cup of coffee every now and then.

    1. Coffee flower is aromatic. The fragrance is very fresh, and so speacial, like as jasmine. Healing the fragrance is a memorable experience.

  2. I like coffee..mostly in the winter time. This is neat...what a great post. My mom has a coffee tree in her house. I am not sure what type it is. And it has never bloom before. I didn't know that the coffee trees could bloom flowers...that is good to know. Looking forward to the next post.

    1. Coffee plant needs warm and humid weather to promote flowering. I have never heard that coffee can produce well in sub tropics. Maybe there are some species that adaptable to the sub tropical climate. Cause there are 40 variety of coffee plant in the world, but just 3 variety that are planted in Indonesia.

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