Monday, September 23, 2013


Tropical area is the best place for banana, as a tropical fruit.
In Indonesia, banana is called pisang. 
And in Central Java it's called gedang.
At Serayu Expo, I got some information more about local banana.
Actually, Banjarnegara have a lot of varieties of banana.
Every  varieties have so many characteristic that make them so special.
Taste, form, shape, performance, aroma, size, color, texture, and more...
Now, I will show you the top five banana in Banjarnegara.
Here they are...

Pisang Warangan
Warangan, in other place is called Barangan/Berangan. 
Best for eaten fresh on the peak of maturity. 
It's have sweet taste, smooth texture, good on shipping, tender, aromatic and interesting color.

pisang raja wulu

Pisang raja wulu it's mean king of feather.
The skin is covered by smooth bristles.
Mature fruit have a orange-yellow pulp, really tasty and so sweet.
Big fruit and best for eaten fresh.

pisang mas
"Mas" means gold. This banana have a golden yellow color.
This size is very small, just about 10 cm on length and 3 cm on diameter.
The taste is really good. Sweet, smooth, and aromatic.
Best for eaten fresh on the peak of maturity.
The mature fruit have an interesting color.
In Java, this fruit must be present on the wedding celebration.
Javanese believe that this fruit will give them lucky and welfare.
So the price is very expensive.

"pisang saba"
Pisang Saba in other place is called pisang kepok/kapok.
The skin's color of mature fruit is grey- pale yellow. 
In a tree there are about 10-12 bunches of big bananas.
The size is about 20cm on length and 4-5 cm on diameter.
It's best as a processed fruit.
We can make fried banana, tempura, crispy banana, banana chip, banana flour, steamed banana, banana pudding, and more.
The best time to process this banana is about 1-2 day before the peak of maturity.
Over ripening makes this banana too juicy. 

"pisang raja lawe"

another "pisang raja lawe"
This is the best banana in Banjarnegara, Raja Lawe. 
Raja means a king.
Raja lawe be the specialty banana from Banjarnegara.
It have big size and so long ( up to 45 cm).
The taste is really delicious, smooth, sweet and aromatic.
The skin have a golden-yellow color, so bright ...
In a tree we will get about 8 - 12 bunches of banana. 
It means in a tree we can find more than 200 bananas.

They just 5 from thousands variety of banana in my country.
Next time we will be acquainted with other bananas.
Have a sweet day with banana.


  1. Welcome Endah!
    Your photos are egotyka.
    First time I see you in green bananas.
    Only yellow bananas I buy at the market.
    Are they good? Not really.
    Greetings from the distant and cold Polish.

    1. Hi Lucia... welcome to my blog.
      Banana is a perishable fruit. It couldn't save for long time.
      We use to pick banana about two day before the peak of maturity. The skin still green or yellowish green. But for long shipping, banana are picked a week before the peak of maturity.
      The taste is really different. More sweet and tasty
      Have a nice day

  2. We get green bananas from central america and I think they put them in a room with gas to make them ripen. My wife loves them though and we throw the skins out to the chickens who have a great time with them.

    1. Actually banana skin, especially inner skin have nutrient content almost the same with the pulp. We use to make banana jam from their inner skin. It's more tasty and aromatic than banana jam that made from the pulp. But the banana skin must from true ripen fruits. You can try it. Thank you for coming.