Saturday, September 28, 2013


What did I get  from my garden, this week?
Lets we peek it...

Dark green amaranth, red and green amaranth

I didn't take picture for all of the yield (too much...) 
Because I picked the vegetables repeatedly, everyday...
My refrigerator is full of vegetables.
So I save them on other container in my kitchen

This week I picked:
  1. tomatoes (more than a kilogram)
  2. green beans
  3. sword beans pods
  4. sword bean's leaves
  5. Green amaranths
  6. red amaranths
  7. dark green amaranths (Amaranthus dubius)
  8. green rounded eggplants (Amaranthus tricolor)
  9. purple rounded eggplants (Amaranthus tricolor var rubra)
  10. long purple eggplants
  11. papaya leaves
  12. green cabbages
  13. packcoy
  14. curly long peppers
  15. green hot peppers (cabe rawit)
  16. creamy hot peppers
  17. celery
  18. green onions
  19. cauliflowers
  20. acid oranges
  21. variegated acid oranges
  22. cucumbers

Although there were so many insect and worm problem, I still got a lot of thing from my garden.
I hope next week I get better yield.
Thanks God.


  1. congratulations! I have not been able to grow many vegetables because of the shade of trees.. Your veggies inspire me to grow more.

  2. Thank you for coming. Meal from our own garden give us more pleasure. Have a nice week.

  3. Wow that is bountiful! You lucky gal!

  4. Very nice garden yield. It is so interesting to see the variation from what I grow in the US.