Friday, September 13, 2013


My front balcony look so colorful this week.
The orange, yellow and yellowish green looks so dominant.

My acid orange (Citrofortunella mitis) is full of fruits.... over loaded...
Common names include calamonding, calamandarin, golden lime, Panama orange, Chinese orange or calamondin.

This fruit is so unique. 
The peel have a sweet taste, but the pulp is quite sour and high in vitamin C.

mature fruits

immature fruits

Acid orange fruit is grown primarily as an ornamental plant in gardens, and in containers. 
The plant is especially attractive when the fruits are present.
The little fruits have a little size, just 25 - 35 mm in diameters.

Various color, size and maturity in a plant at the same time

small, medium and big size on a branch
Acid orange  has several alternative medicinal uses. 
The juice can relieve the itching and reduce the irritation caused by insect bites. 
The fruit can also be used as a natural acne medicine or taken orally as cough and influenza medicine. 
For constipation treat, the juice is warmed and diluted with boiled water. 
It bleaches freckles and helps to clear up acne.
It is also used in skin and hair care products to reduce dandruff and hair fall.
So.... it's really useful plant!

Fresh vitamin C source.... The nearest drug store...???

It's coloring and decorating my balcony.
Also give me more.... oxygen, Vitamin C, beautiful vista, fresh fragrant flower, green living, and more.... more.... more....

The suspect...


  1. You are right. A drugstore in a beautiful plant! Thank you for giving me permission to use some of your photos of your neighbor's unique garden. I gave you credit for the photos by including your blog URL.
    Linda @Wetcreek Blog

    1. You're welcome, Linda. I hope it will be more useful, inspiring more people to keep our earth clean and green. Have a nice week end.

  2. I bet it smells wonderful....I would love to have a tree like that. What benefits it gives. I love green living....its wonderful that you encourage others.

    1. Thank you Teresa. Lets we encourage others, to a better life.

  3. This was such a nice and informative post with beautiful pictures. I love learning about your acid orange (Citrofortunella mitis) fruit tree!

    Jorunn Norge

  4. This is a really beautiful plant.
    Thank you for sharing.

    Happy Weekend!

    1. Thank you Ruby. Welcome to my blog. Have a nice weekend.

  5. Ohhhh ... with you on the balcony grow oranges?
    It must be a wonderful sight. Do you have them at your fingertips.
    In my country, it's cool, oranges can be grown in the apartment.
    Beautiful images.
    I send greetings from distant Polish.

    1. That is a little tree. And very lovely plant, cause never stop fruiting a long the year.
      Thank you for coming. Have a nice weekend.