Friday, September 27, 2013


Last night we heard a cat was meowing  on my front yard.
My daughter opened the door, and we found  Balon.
She is my lovely cat.
We missed her for about five months.
Since she was losing her daughter (Mary), she looked so confuse and went away.
Now.. she is back.

Sleeping beauty
Looking for Mary
I found serious wound on her neck.
I didn't know why.
She run to us immediately.
My daughter gave her a meal, she looked so hungry.  
She ate her meal with gusto, then walked around my house as usual.
But when my husband was opening our garage door, she shocked and run away.
We couldn't find her anymore.
Oh no...

Mom and daughter

After she was gone ... We got serious mouse attack in my house, also in my garden.
The mouse destroyed my vegetables, doors, washing machine, and more...
She go away... again, no mouse and snake fighter again.
We have three kitten right now, they are too young to be mouse fighter.

Play with Mom's tail
I took these pictures about five months ago.
Please come back Balon...
We miss you...


  1. I hope you find a Balon!
    I know that you miss her ...
    Have a nice weekend.
    Greetings from distant Polish.

  2. Yes... we miss her so much. Thank you for coming. Have a nice weekend.

  3. We had a cat leave and he came back about a year later and had a meal got petted and then left home again. I think he found a new house to live and just came back for a visit. Cats can never belong to anyone, they seem to be free spirits.

    1. I think you alright. But I ever had a cat that very tractable. He 'dedicated' all of his live for my family. We never left him for a long time. He lived with my family until he died. Cats absolutely help me to fight mouse.

  4. They are so sweet, really very sweet