Thursday, September 19, 2013


On the harvesting season, my family always spent the afternoon on the coffee garden.
After my parent went home from their work, and the children (I'm 5th from six) went home from their school, we all went to coffee garden that was located about 600 meters from our house.
But in holiday, we went there from the early morning.
At the harvesting season, we could see coffee fruits are dried by the sun.
Farmer that doesn't have drying floor, usually dry coffee on the road side.

There are two type of coffee processing, wet process and dry process.
Most of Indonesian coffee farmer (robusta) use dry process.
In dry process, the whole of fresh fruits are dried (the black one - on the plastic mat).
Then the dry frufits are milled  and hulled, so... we get coffee beans.
In wet process, the fresh fruit are soaked for about 12 hours on the water and than that are milled to peel the outer skin (the brownish black on the round bamboo tray). 
We get partially peeled coffee fruits.
After that the coffee are dried.
Then the dry coffee  are milled and hulled, so... we get coffee beans.
My family usually process the coffee fruits traditionally.
We used big stone mortar and big teak wood pestle.
Right now the coffee farmer usually use miller and huller machines.

Drying coffee (wet process)
Coffee fruit are peeled partially
coffee bean
We get coffee bean right now, so... next we will process the beans into coffee powder.
I hope you enjoy this coffee break...
See you...


  1. I do not even like coffee, but these coffee breaks are very interesting. And your photos are so good. Thanks for explaining how coffee is grown and processed. Linda

  2. It is first time to know how coffee is processed. I have coffee from ground beans every morning.
    Have a good weekend.

    1. Hi Tomoko, Thank you for coming. Have a nice weekend.

  3. Enjoying the coffee breaks. Have a nice weekend.

    1. Thank you Teresa, I'm glad you are coming. Have a nice weekend.

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