Tuesday, September 3, 2013


Today, I used ginger torch (kecombrang), green cabbage, long yard bean and carrots from my bouquet to made Javanese salad called "pecel".
Pecel is a very famous dish in Indonesia and Suriname.
All vegetables are boiled or steamed.
And we added peanut sauce as a dressing.
The sauce made from fried peanuts, palm sugar, spices, hot chilli pepper, salt and water.
The condiment of pecel are peyek or krupuk.
Peyek is  fried liquid dough that have a crispy texture.
The dough is made from rice flour, water, salt, spices, chopped Chinese chives and dried babies shrimp.

my bouquet

The pinky flowers are ginger torch (kecombrang). 
It's tropical plant. 
It have sweet-sour taste, strong aromatic.
Flower-shape green cabbage have a sweet taste and crispy texture.
Immature yard long bean (I made it to a chain-shape rope) have a sweet taste and so crispy.

Ginger torch, green cabbage, carrot and yard long bean

all steamed vegetables with  peanut sauce

colorful salad

pecel with the "couple" peyek

high fiber salad

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