Saturday, May 31, 2014


On Thursday, I visited my friend that lives near my father's house.
I always take home something from her house.
She loves to share a lot of things that she has. And on  my last visit, I got a plastic bag of Sawo.
Thanks friend!
Sawo (Manilkarla zapota) is an old fashion fruit.
It has a very nice smell and sweet taste.
We couldn't eat this fruit as soon as we pick it from the tree.
The fruit need to be ripened.
We have to keep them on warm place, for example rice saver box.
This is the most popular traditional ripening proccess.
We need 3-5 days to get the fruits are ripen. It's depend on the grade of maturity when the fruits were harvested.
So... I put my Sawos on rice box.
Hope they will ripen soon...

Friday, May 30, 2014


This is my east balcony, this morning...


Just a little progress here...
The red lettuces were already harvested, only five pots remain.

I still have green mustard, celery and kailan.


The new plant varieties this month is Andewi (Endive) and bitter gourd.

And the new row is ready to substitute the old row.
Look the packcoy 'Wazuka' row on the floor.


On the north side of the balcony, there is a pare (bitter gourd) vine.
It climbs and hangs on the canopy support.

Caterpillars, mealy bugs and thrips were really annoying.
Hope they will not make a 'disaster' on my balcony.

I hope my balcony will more productive.
I wish...

Thursday, May 29, 2014


May is a hard month for my garden.
We had very dry days at the first week, then big and stormy rain at the previous weeks.
It should be a beginning of the dry season.
But we have too much rain along the weeks.
Our seedling plots and young plants were so poor.
Most of them were broken and rotten.
I need more time to tidying up my terrace garden.
Replant and resow is a must.
This is my poor terrace garden this morning...

South rack :

Broccoli, basil, carrots, tomatoes, seedling trays and garlic chives




North rack :

Cabbages, three variety of amaranths, celery, eggplants, kale and peppers

Cabbage 'KK cross'

Rounded leaf Kale

Red habanero

Striped amaranth

West rack :

Zucchini, pakcoy, red amaranth, cabbages, broccoli, celery, garlic chives, green onion, and Kailan 'Nova'

Red amaranths

Center row :

Kailan, soy beans, celery, broccoli and melon.

Broccoli patch


Today is a holiday...
We are visiting my father's house.
This is a special day, cause today is my Father's birthday.
As usual I'm making 'Nasi Kuning' for him.
Thank you for all of your love, time, hard works, learning and everything that you have been giving to me and all of your sons, daughters, grandsons and granddaughters.
We pray for your happiness.
Happy birthday...
Wish you all the best... 


I also visited my friend that her house is near my father's house.
Enjoy the green scenery...
A terrace rice field...

As usual, we talk about everything, a very nice conversation.
My girl was very happy walked along the pathway on the rice field beside my friend's house.


We picked some Sawo (Manilkarla zapota) in her little garden.
Look... my friend looks so busy selected and picked ripe Sawo from the tree.


I took home a bag of Sawo.
I also took Torch Ginger plant to be grown in my garden. 
So, I have fruits supplies for this week, also new plant collection in my garden


A tiring day, but so exciting...
Enjoy the green day with my lovely persons...

Tuesday, May 27, 2014


What did I get  this week?
Here they are...

Thursday :
Green chilli peppers, passion fruits, long yard beans, oyster mushrooms, kara bean and kembang telang.

Friday :
Chilli peppers, red lettuces and green cabbages. 

Saturday :
Passion fruits, kara beans and young papayas.

Sunday :
Garlic chives, passion fruits, chilli peppers and sweet basil.

Monday : 
green mustards, passion fruits, green eggplants, purple eggplant, kembang telang and chilli peppers.

Tuesday :
Kara beans and celery

Wednesday :
Oyster mushrooms

Thanks GOD for everything...


A couple weeks ago I bought five mushroom baglogs from my neighbor, but she gave me six! Thank you so much friend!
She offered me some mushroom baglogs to be grown before, and I was really interested about it.
 I have ever grown Oyster mushroom about five years ago.
Here, Oyster mushroom is called jamur Tiram.
I think it's a good idea to grow them in our house.
So... I put them near my sink, in order to keep them  moist.
But actually I haven't special place for them.
This is the most favorite mushroom on my family.
We use to make so many dishes from it. 
Soup, stir fried, fried mushroom, curry, omelet, and many more dishes...
Hmmm... so delicious!
They grow rapidly, so fast!
It's more than my expectation. 
So exciting!

Picture 1-3: Sunday May 25

Picture 4: yesterday May 26

Picture 5-7: today...

Look their growth... so fantastic!
So, we have new protein source this week and forward...

Monday, May 26, 2014


Last week I have saved the Adenium pod, and this week the pod is mature enough.
So..., now it's time to harvest the pod.
The pod is already turning brown.
The pod is also a little bit opened, but the seeds inside haven't been flying out yet.
Adenium seed has 'hairy feather' to 'fly' like as Dandelion seeds, but this one is much bigger.
Now I have a lot of Adenium seeds for supply or for share.
I hope the seeds are in good quality.
So they will be the next beautiful plants.