Sunday, May 18, 2014


This series is a theme that was booked by my husband. 
Last week when I was cleaning my garden, I put and collected some varieties of weeds from the garden.  
Then I boiled it for the dinner.  
He was very impressed with the taste of weeds.  
So, he proposed to upload edible weeds theme for the series this month.  
Of course I agreed.
Now... please enjoy the series.


Legetang (Acmella uliginosa) is a kind of herb that belongs to the family Asteraceae.
This is one of my favorite weed.
The taste is so special.

Legetang is a preferred vegetable in Java for eaten raw or boiled.  
The flowers and leaves are little bitter spicy used to treat ulcers of the mouth and tooth ache.

This weed like damp and wet areas, though can also live in a drier. 
In environmental fields, a river, or a muddy garden.
This plant is expected to come from Brazil and the Caribbean.
This weed is not a troublesome, but a healthy weed.

Both Flowers and leaves are used as medicine
This plant in Indonesia is known as jotang or jocong leutik.
Generally known as the Marsh Para Cress

In my hometown, this weeds is often sold in traditional markets along with other weeds, and known by the name 'Kluban sawah' or 'Sawahan'.
Some variety of weeds are tied in a single
bunch, then sold.

Next, we will talk more about the other edible weeds from my home garden.
Enjoy your weed...


  1. Endah,

    Rasanya sama seperti sirih kah?

  2. Food for free. It's surprising how many weeds are edible but must admit to not fancying eating them.

    1. Yes, here we can find so many edible weeds that have medicinal benefit too. Their taste are usually so exotic, also aromatic.

  3. Maybe you will have some of the weeds we do but I didn't recognize any yet.

    1. Here, every places have their own special edible weeds. Just a few peoples that love to eat this 'vegetables', and they didn't want to try it, cause these just 'weeds'

  4. Interesting presentation, fantastic plants:) Greetings

  5. Oh, saya pernah cuba makan mentah daun ini buat ubat sakit gigi. Saya pelajarinya dari my ex boss seorang doctor yang mendalami ilmu perubatan herba. Tapi saya tidak boleh tahan rasanya..

    1. Saya selalu merebusnya untuk menghilangkan rasa pahitnya. Rasanya jadi enak dan aromatik, terasa hangat di badan

  6. This is outstanding! You just never know where you can find goodness and you for sure have! Thank you for passing this on friend and happy gardening to you!!! Nicole xo

    1. Thank you Nicole! As an ancient concept, we could eat everything that eaten by the animal. If they safe, we should safe too. So, traditional peoples could survive on the wild life by eating something that they have found surround them.

  7. Thanks to you, I know the new plants, the existence of which I had no idea :)

  8. I didn't know that plant. I'm going to enjoy this series!

    1. Thank you Magali. Hope you can enjoy this series