Tuesday, May 27, 2014


A couple weeks ago I bought five mushroom baglogs from my neighbor, but she gave me six! Thank you so much friend!
She offered me some mushroom baglogs to be grown before, and I was really interested about it.
 I have ever grown Oyster mushroom about five years ago.
Here, Oyster mushroom is called jamur Tiram.
I think it's a good idea to grow them in our house.
So... I put them near my sink, in order to keep them  moist.
But actually I haven't special place for them.
This is the most favorite mushroom on my family.
We use to make so many dishes from it. 
Soup, stir fried, fried mushroom, curry, omelet, and many more dishes...
Hmmm... so delicious!
They grow rapidly, so fast!
It's more than my expectation. 
So exciting!

Picture 1-3: Sunday May 25

Picture 4: yesterday May 26

Picture 5-7: today...

Look their growth... so fantastic!
So, we have new protein source this week and forward...


  1. Dear Endah,
    amazing how fast they grow! They do even look beautiful. We like them to, with noddles, on salads or just fried with salt, pepper and a bit of olive-oil...
    Haver a nice week!
    Yours Sarah

    1. Hi Sarah! Yes, they are so lovely. They are beautiful also delicious.
      Thank you for coming, and have a nice day!

  2. I tried this once but it didn't work. Those mushroom logs look like works of art.

    1. Maybe the microclimate was too dry. They love high humidity and cool temperature. My first experience, the log only produced once then dry and died. I hope I can pick the mushrooms continously from this growing.

  3. Very interesting, I have never seen these logs. I really like mushrooms but my wife and daughter won't eat them. I guess that I could grow and eat them myself as they are so good and these have a an art like appearance like Sue says.

    1. I guess so. Here, this mushroom is usually grown in highland with cool temperature. I hope you can find the logs like this, and grown your own mushroom.

  4. As much as I love mushrooms, growing them like that seems a bit creepy to me. I once lived in an old farmhouse that I believe was too damp and molding, so if I grew the mushrooms I would do it outside my house. Don't get me wrong, I love to see those beautiful mushrooms! But for me they would have to be outside. Linda@Wetcreek Blog

    1. Here, the farmer usually grow this mushroom in the tunnel house. But I only grow six logs, so I put them on the damp place in my house :'sink' side. I'm sure mine could not grow as well as the farmer's, cause the microclimate is not good enough. ButI hope they could grow well.
      Thank you for coming Linda.

  5. Endah, cantiknya cendawan ni. Macam pokok hiasan. Seronok dapat makan cendawan fresh tuai dari ladang dapur sendiri..

    1. Iya, senang rasanya dapurku bisa jadi kebun juga. The real 'kitchen garden' or gardening on the kitchen.

  6. Fantastic. They grow very rapidly.

  7. Wow! I never plant them before! It's amazing!

    1. You can find logs there, so... growing them will be so exciting.

  8. Amazing I have never seen mushrooms grow so beautifully.
    Enjoy My Friend

  9. Dearest Endah,
    Growing Oyster Mushrooms is rather simple and yes, they do taste good.
    Our favorite however is the Japanese Shii-take mushroom - best flavor of all!