Wednesday, April 23, 2014


Indonesia currently ranks number eight on the list of largest global tea producers.
Approximately 65 percent of the Indonesian tea production is exported. 
The main countries of export destination are Russia, Great Britain, Holland and Pakistan. 
Various tea products from tea factories in Indonesia be in the form of loose leaf tea, tea bag, tea filter, instant tea and ready to drink (RTD) tea.
In some Asia countries there are stick and pressed tea, but both of them are less popular in the world.

Tea is packed in a small bag that is usually made ​​of paper with a rope. 
It's better for single serve, just for a cup of tea each bag.
Tea bags are very popular because it is practical to make the tea, but the tea lover usually do not like the taste of the tea bag.

Tea filter
Tea is packed in a small bag that is usually made ​​of paper without a rope.  
The bag is usually made from osmofilter paper.
We can brew  faster and easier.
Tea filter is very popular because it is practical to make large quantities of tea and produces a more concentrated than tea bags. 


Brewed tea (loose leaves tea)
This is the best tea for the tea lover.
Teas packed in aluminum foil, and some time wrapped in plastic wrap or paper. 
Tea dosage can be adjusted according to the taste.
Tea strainer is used so that the tea does not come floating swallowed . 
In addition, the tea can also be included in the pre-brewed tea bag .  


Pressed Tea
Tea pressed so solid for the purposes of storage and ripening.  
Tea that has been pressed to have shelf life longer than ordinary tea leaves .

Tea sticks
The tea is packaged in a stick of thin aluminum sheets that have tiny holes that serves as a tea strainer

Instant tea 
We can find so many instant tea on powder form.
Milk tea, honey tea or lemon tea...
Living-shaped tea powder dissolved in hot water or cold water .  
First coined in 1930 but not produced until the late 1950s . 
Instant tea that has no vanilla flavor, honey, fruit, or mixed with milk powder .

Ready To Drink Tea (RTD)
There are so many  Ready to Drink (RTD) tea on various package, such as Returned glass bottle (RGB), Ultra High Temperature (UHT), Pouch, PET Plastic Bottle, and also PET Plastic Cup.
Tea flavor is maintained for the use of PET Aseptic Cold Filling Technology. Indonesia's first technology for category Ready To Drink (RTD) PET Plastic.  
After the UHT process, the tea packed in the cold in the room and aseptic equipment to prevent contamination and ensure the product remains sterile
Tea beverages were processed through the technology will Aseptic Filling for sterile results, superior taste and preservative free.  
Packed with practical ergonomic packages, so we can drink tea anytime and anywhere.

Which tea is your favorite?
It's bout up to you...
Next we will talk about various serving of tea drink.


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    1. Thank you for stopping by. I will visit your blog soon.

  2. I have loose at home but at work I use tea bags. The only tea that I make is from peppermint and blackberry leaves.

    1. Oh sound so interesting! You make your own tea. I have never known before that blackberry leaves could be a nice tea.

  3. I always use tea bags, though I'm the only one in our house who drinks tea, and then it's not very often at all.

    1. Yeah, tea bag is very practical for a 'single drinker', although the taste is a little bit different with the loose leaf tea.

  4. So far I have used mainly tea bags , but I have been considering loose tea

    1. I don't know exactly why the same variety of tea have the little bit different taste if it's packed as tea bag. I guess the paper bag have influence the tea taste.

  5. I normally use teabags but will make a pot of tea with loose leaves if I feel like putting up with the faff. Tea sticks sound huge fun!

    1. So nice! Yes tea stick sounds so interesting, but it's so rare.

  6. I just purchase loose Jasmine Tea...and a thingy to put it in to drip in hot water.
    Very good post ...Happy Tea Time

    1. Thanks Teresa. That's really nice. Jasmine tea is so aromatic. It's the most favorite in my family. Have a nice tea time.

  7. How informative is this! I am actually going to go back and read it one more time to absorb all of the information! Very interesting!!!! Nicole xoxo

    1. Thank you Nicole. I'm glad that you love it. Have a nice week!

  8. I only use loose leaves. There are rare occasion, when I'm really tired when I use teabags.... BUt then I always think I shouldn't have, because it doesn't really taste like tea!

    1. That's really good. Yes, loose leaves the is the best on it's taste and flavor.