Saturday, April 26, 2014


From all the benefit of the tea, we also find the negative side of tea.


Here some of the 'black side': 
People who have the disorder kidney function should be aware that drinking tea, because tea is smooth discharge of urine, too much consumption of tea would interfere with kidney function.

Pregnant women should not drink excessive tea, because it will lead to anemia and low iron in pregnant women, can also cause the mother and fetus in the womb of iron deficiency.

Breastfeeding mothers are highly recommended to avoid drinking strong tea because the caffeine in tea will affect the production of milk, so breastfeeding is reduced.
For people who are experiencing a fever, drinking tea is not going to decrease body heat, but on the contrary will increase body heat. It caused theophyline in tea will increase body heat. On the other hand with a cup of tea function body temperature lowering drugs be lost or diminished.
People who suffer from nervous weakness and insomnia should not drink tea.  

The reason is the caffeine content causes sufferers increasingly difficult to sleep and feel restless. 
Tanat acid that's contained in tea will hinder the absorption of iron into the body. When the body is less blood iron deficiency (anemia), synthetic hemoglobin in the body is also reduced, so that the disease was getting worse.
People who suffer from constipation should not consume thick tea because of  tea has astringent effect. Thick tea can cause constipation disease becomes more severe.
After drink tea, children will be stimulated their spirit, their appetite could be diminished, and disturbing the absorption of food, so children will be susceptible to anemia

So... don't let the kids drink tea too much.
People with positive heart disease shall abstain from the consumption habits of thick tea.  
The reason is the caffeine content in the tea will stimulate and increase blood pressure. The result is that the heart will beat faster, feeling very unpleasant.

Stay healthy with your tea...., but be wise in consuming tea.
Two cups of tea each day is enough for our health.
Drink more water to compensate for the consumption of tea.
So we can minimize the negative effect of consuming tea. 

I 'm closing this series with this memorable words from WE Gladstone (1865)

If you are cold, tea will warm you
If you are too heated, tea will cool you
If you are depressed, tea will cheer you
If you are excited, tea will calm you

I hope this series is useful for you all.
See you on the next monthly series.
Have a wonderful weekend!


  1. Masz wspaniałą wiedzę na temat herbaty, dowiedziałam się wiele ciekawych rzeczy. Dziękuję i serdecznie pozdrawiam.

    1. Thank you Ewa. I'm glad that you love this series.

  2. Welcome to Endah!
    With great pleasure to come to you for morning tea.
    Great post.
    I send greetings.

  3. There are not so many negative sides of the tea, but drinking too much of something is never good for our health. Indeed very memorable words of Gladstone.
    Wish you a happy new gardening week!

    1. That's right! Something that too much is really not good. have a wonderful week!

  4. Your knowledge of tea are so amazing. Good info!

  5. I think the benefits certainly outweigh the negatives. Perhaps I will go make some tea now!

  6. Everything in the world has it's positive and negative side. I don't like hot tea I drink it only when it's really cold and very sweet. But I'm not worried about positive or negative effects. The tea bags we buy here have nothing to do with real tea and it's just colored scented water.

    1. Yeah, I'm never worried about the negative side of tea. Tea bag is too tasteless for me.

  7. Delicious that cup of tea!
    A Kiss.

  8. Nice poem! And being a doctor I think this is a very important post. You know a lot about plants and their effects on our health - I am impressed! Yours Sarah

    1. Thank you Sarah. I share all that I know. I hope it will be useful