Monday, April 18, 2022


A very long break on blogging...
I've been missing my blogger friends from all over the world.
This is my first post after hibernation for about a year.
Actually I was OK during the break time, a bit busy although the pandemic period.

Now, we are in Ramadhan period. 
We used to prepare everything, not only about praying, fasting, sharing, and many other religious activities, but we are also preparing about food and home. 

We purchased two orchids from Phalaneopsis family.
Two mini versions.

I like the polka dot pattern on the petal.

The other one, have white petal with pinkish splash.
So lovely...

Orchid, especially Phalaneopsis family usually have long period on blooming.

So... I can enjoy the beautiful flowers in our living room  a bit longer.

Thanks GOD... for beautiful world...