Tuesday, March 31, 2015


Love to see the moss rose get blooming.
Colorful flower...

They grow so well during the dry season, but look so poor on the wet weather.

Too much rain, too wet area makes this herbaceous plant will get rotten.

I have lost my collection last rainy season, all get rotten.
You can see my collection here.
I hope I can grow it again. 
And they will cheers my garden.

Monday, March 30, 2015


No special space for my 'buncis' or green bean.
Just a row on the edge of the drying area.

I reuse the plastic rope as a pole.
Reusing cooking oil pouches as pot.
That's a cheaper way on growing bean on the urban area with limited land.

I think their growth is not too bad.

Look the beans that hanging on the vines...

Although, their growth is not as well as grown on the ground, they still give me lots of bean for my family.

Reader, do you grow pole bean this season?
How do you grow your bean?
Enjoy your day, and happy gardening!

Sunday, March 29, 2015


Do you still remember with my old post about 'kecombrang'?
A beautiful edible flower.
We have a competition on making edible arrangement.
You can see about the competition here.
Kecombrang mostly presents in every arrangement.

Look... this was my arrangement that participated on that competition.
All part is edible.
After the competition, I made so many dishes from my vegetable arrangement.
I made traditional salad from those kecombrang.
You can see about our traditional salad here.
We can see the beautiful kecombrang on these arrangements below.

Saturday, March 28, 2015


My pretty cat have been going from our home garden for several months.
We really miss her.

Look, how she enjoyed the warm gravel on our front garden during the sunny day.

Woke up after take a nap on her lovely 'bed'... my big pot.

Pretended to asleep when she was told to get out from the bedroom.

Enjoy the day on her lovely 'bed'.

Happy in my girl's arms.
We are missing you... our cutie  inspector.
You can see our inspector in action here.

Thursday, March 26, 2015


This week is fruity week in my office.
My co-workers alternately bring fruits from their home garden.
Rambutan, mangosteen, banana, strawberry, guava and many more.

A kind of fruit that I have not already exposed is 'duku'.
Duku (Lansium domesticum var duku) is a tropical fruit that popular in western of South East Asia.
This fruit is usually grown on the wood, and rarely grown on the home garden, because the the plant will grow as a huge tree.
This plant is only grown on the medium altitude with the humid warm environment.

The skin produces white sap, that sometime irritate our skin.
The sap will fade away, disappear  by itself through the time.
We usually eat the sweet clear flesh three days after the fruits are harvested.

After three days, the sap will 'disappear' and the flesh will sweeter than before.

Thanks friend for these sweet fruits...

Wednesday, March 25, 2015


Amarylis is a beautiful flower.
I collect three varieties of Amarylis.
But only one variety that have bloomed on my garden.

The first and the last time blooming time was on 2012.
It was a very long time.
I think the dormant period is not too long.

They were so lovely...
So beautiful...

I don't know, when they will get blooming again.
I hope I don't need a long time to see their beauty again.
I wish...
Reader, have you any advice how should I do?
Thank you for sharing.

Tuesday, March 24, 2015


As usual, I always optimize all empty space  on my home garden, especially for gardening.
Look... this medium pot that used for growing pare vine.
The empty space is used to grow wavy green mustard or 'sawi hijau gelombang'.
I think they will grow so well until the productive period is over.
The growth both of them look so well, although they live on a small container.

No serious competition, really 'live in peace'...

Monday, March 23, 2015


Chrysanthemum is a pretty flower that I really love it.
Both of the shape and color are so interesting.
I only collect a few of this plant on my little garden.
The colorful flower cheers my grey balcony.

Just beautiful, although some of my collection finally just grow as annual.

Actually, with a good treatment, this plant will grow well as perennial.
Pruning, watering, good drainage and fertilizing make these plants grow and flowering almost all year round. 

Reader, do you grow Chrysanthemum on your garden?

Sunday, March 22, 2015


Coleus is the first ornamental plant that I collected.
This beautiful foliage is really interested me.
I collected Coleus for the first time when I still on Junior High School, it was about 25 year ago. 
Me and two of my friends had the same interest to this lovely foliage.
We made a competition on collecting coleus.
Although we did competition, but we still share our collection.
A lovely competition...
What a shame, our collection attacked by white fly, and made serious damage.
So... we all had lost our collection.

When I got my first job on 2000, I spent a few of my money to accommodate my hobby on gardening.
The first thing on my mind was start a new collection of coleus.
I still lived with my parent, so I put my collection on the front yard.
That looked so lovely...

Look a my 'second' collection....
So pretty...
I really love it! 

These were just a few of my collection.
I forget how many variety that I have grown.
I'm sure it more than twenty five varieties.
But again... The white fly destroyed my collection.

Now, on my own home garden, I'm starting to collect coleus again.
I still have seven varieties.
I want to add more and more.
Hoping no white fly attack again.

Saturday, March 21, 2015


Enjoy the sunny morning for sun bath...
Epson looks so enjoy with the warm weather on the front garden.

Lying on the green rug...

Enjoy the environment...
Enjoy the life...

Friday, March 20, 2015


As an amateur gardener, I try to do the best that I can.
A lot of lessons that I have to learn about.
I don't plot specific budget to accommodate my hobby.
So, I have to save money on gardening.

Using old stuff, reusing, recycling are good way  to save money.
I often see planter boxes on internet, they look so interesting and beautiful.
I want to use it on growing vegetables and ornamental, but the it so expensive for me.

So, I have to think about make my own 'planter box'.
After our house reconstruction. we had some excess materials.
We had a PVC gutter, so I had an idea to make planter boxes from it.
I cut the gutter into a medium length, 50 cm and 1 m.
I made holes on the bottom of the gutter, and set the cover on the each end.
Now... I have some planter boxes.

They are great for growing short rooted vegetables, such as lettuce, caisin, pakcoy, celery, garlic chive, amaranth, and many more.

I really love to grow lettuce in this planter box, looks so neat and tidy.
I want to add more planter boxes, but I have to prepare time and money for it.

Happy gardening to you all.

Thursday, March 19, 2015


Yesterday, my friend brought us banana.
We ate it together with all of my co-workers.

This kind of little banana.

We call it 'Pisang Jaran' or 'Pisang Remami'.
Pisang means banana, and Jaran means horse.
I don't know why, I think they didn't look like horse... 

Sweet, a little bit crispy...
Ehmmm... yummy...

This plant is usually grown on the home garden for home consumption.
It's rarely sold on the market.

Enjoy your own fruit this Friday...