Saturday, March 7, 2015


This is one of my fruit tree collection 'Srikaya'.
Srikaya or buah nona (Annona squamosa L) is a popular tropical fruit in Indonesia.

As a home grown fruit, it's not easy to find this fruit on the markets or groceries.
I grow two varieties, local variety and jumbo variety.

This is the jumbo variety.
As usual I grow it on the pot.
It looks grow so well with the flowers hang on this little tree.

I don't know how much flowers have emerged on this tree.
But all of the flowers have fallen down on to the ground.
I don't know why...

The plant looks so healthy, and I think the nutrition is enough for its growth.
But about the balance of the nutrition..., I'm not sure about that.

Look the buds, so fresh and healthy.
I hope, no fallen flowers again...
And I will find the fruit hang on the tree.
I wish...


  1. Aah, the Annona, I hope it will grow well and give you many fruits. I know they are delicious. We were on the isle of Madeira, there they grow Annonas for the market, we have tried them and they were very good. They even make liqueur of them.

    1. Here, srikaya is a minor commercial fruit. It mostly grown for homegrown fruit especially home consume.

  2. Replies
    1. Yes, the flower is 'strange' too. Like as a bunched band.

  3. Saya pun suka makan buah srikaya ini. Kat tempat saya dipanggil buah sekaya. Saya suka sejukan dulu didalam petiais sebelum makan..

    1. That's right Kak Mala. So sweet and tasty, even more it served cold.

  4. My fingers are crossed that you get an abundant amount of fruits friend!!!! It looks so healthy!!! Happy gardening this week! Nicole xo