Wednesday, November 28, 2018


This wet morning we are finding beautiful thing...

A dangling branch of Kembang Sepatu Gantung (Hibiscus schyzopetalus) that full of flowers.

Usually only one or two  flowers in a branch, but we find seven flowers bloom.

Sweep the ground...

Lets enjoy the beauty...

An old fashion flower...

Simple but beautiful...
Thanks GOD...

Sunday, November 25, 2018


This is one of the tough plant that I have.
I got a little plant from my friend about two years ago.
Then... it grow so lush.

It produce some saplings, and became new plants. 
I have divided the saplings and planted at individual pot.
Right now we have four pots of new bromelia plant.
Very tough plant...

Thursday, November 22, 2018


The yellow baby rose...

It's best enjoyed when the flower nearly blooming.

In our hot climate, it only blooms for a while, then withered soon and fallen.

Only a short period blooming...
Whatever I love its beauty...

Tuesday, November 20, 2018


First time growing this Hibiscus...

I got some seedlings and seeds from a health center several months ago.
Almost of the seeds have already sprouted and grew, but they were died caused by white flies.

Two seedlings that I planted looks grow so happy, but this one looks so lush.

We find the first bloom  several days ago. 

So beautiful...

Lots of flower buds...

Hoping this plant will grow healthy and safe from bugs... 

Thanks GOD...

Tuesday, November 13, 2018


Finding the very fresh scent from our kitchen, our living room and mostly from the porch.
We are so familiar to this scent...

Yeah ... the white dove orchid or we call it as Anggrek Merpati Putih (Dendrobium crumenatum) is blooming.
We have some white dove orchid clumps both in the front yard and back yard.

The scent is so fresh and strong.
I really like it.

So refreshing...
Really refreshing our day...
Thanks GOD

Wednesday, November 7, 2018


Kedondong laut (Polyscias fruticosum) is an aromatic greens.

Polyscias fruticosa is a perennial evergreen shrub native to Asia, especially India. 
The plant grows fairly slowly but can reach up more than 2 meters in height. The leaves are of a dark green pigment, glossy in texture. 
It's member of family Araliaceae.

The leaves are used as a tonic, anti-inflammatory, antitoxin, and an antibacterial ointment. 
They have also been proven to be an aid in digestion. 
Along with medicinal purposes, Polyscias fruticosa is also used as an ornamental plant and a spice.

This plant needs full sun to partial shade. 
But for me it has the best taste if it grown in part shady area.

Trimming is useful in keeping the desired height as well as shape. 
The tips are trimmed in order to encourage more rapid branching and thickening of the trunk.
The joints, closely set, then produce a thick growth of branches and a dense covering of leaves, which is an ideal look for this particular plant. 
The stems weave back and forth, creating a complex interlocking arrangement. As the plant ages, the lower branches die off, leaving a corky surface that is gnarled where the branches had been. 
This appearance is what attracts many people to adopting these plants for decoration of their homes and offices.

In village, peoples often grow Polyscias as hedge.
An edible hedge.

We love to eat it the fresh raw shoot.
The young and tender leaves even cooked in fish soup or curry.
Aromatic dishes with this greens.