Monday, March 31, 2014


This is my terrace garden on March 31...

View from the west side

South rack : green mustard, ornamental peppers, green amaranth, paprika, lettuce, basil and garlic chives

Center row : edamame, pakcoy, cauliflower and green mustard for seed

North rack : cabbage, pakcoy, red lettuce for seed, kale, green eggplant and broccoli

Kale on the north rack

Pakcoy row on the north rack

East row : cabbage and purple eggplant

West row : green mustard, red cabbage, green onion, kale, amaranth, and garlic chives

Pumpkin shoot from the ground wants to join with its friends on terrace garden

Sunday, March 30, 2014


This is my other experiment on this season, growing edamame. 
As you know that most of my plant are grown on the containers. 


I planted edamame seeds by direct sowing on the  six pots. 
I sowed three seeds each pot. 
The seed germinated in three days. 



The flowers were bearing at the fourth week after sowing, then the fruit lets were formed. 


The pods growth look so slow. 
But I can find so much pods each plant, about 20 - 25 pods. 


I don't know, their growth are already optimum yet or not. 
As a legume, this plant can fix the nitrogen from the air and soil, so I only use a few compost on the media. 
I'm not sure that's a right way. 
But the growth is fairy well. 


I think the volcanic ash that fell at February 13 have a contribution to add more natural fertilizer. 
The ash stuck on the surface of leaves.
The volcanic ash contains sulphuric material, a micronutrient for plant growth. 


I only give a minimum maintenance, just watering. 
No bugs or diseases. 
Maybe next two weeks I will harvest this plot.

If you have experience on growing edamame,  please share.

Saturday, March 29, 2014


This is the view of my cosmos patch.
I took the pictures below before the windy rain.



I really love this patch.
I could enjoy it from my bedroom.
So... they gave me more spirit to start my days.

Look the patch after the windy and rainy week.
So messy...
So poor...

I have to tidying up soon.
And... prepare a new beauty to resign the old patch.

Friday, March 28, 2014


My peach Nusaindah (Mussaenda erythrophylla) is full blooming.

This yellow flower is the true flower.

Look the true flower buds.
All parts are covered by delicate hairs, like as a velvet.

Please enjoy the beauty.
Have a wonderful weekend with your lovely family.

Thursday, March 27, 2014


My zucchinis look grow very well at the first time. 
Grow so fast, look so thrives with a plentiful flowers. 



The male flower is more dominant. 
I get some female flowers buds, but they fail to bloom of course the pollination.




I find a female flower that already pollinated, but the fruit lets became dry and brown, then rotten.

Some leaves get torn, I think it's caused by caterpillar attack, but I haven't been finding caterpillar. 

What should I do to get better result.

Wednesday, March 26, 2014


I don't know why, my yellow bean became worse time by time.
This is my first time growing yellow bean.
I only sowed five seeds.

I don't find any bugs on the vines.
The bean look paler than the color of the bean on the package.

If you have experience on growing yellow bean, please share.

Tuesday, March 25, 2014


Yesterday afternoon, when I was checking my orchid's patch, I found something that very very interesting.
There were white mushrooms on the ground here and there.

One ... two... three...
Wow... we got sixteen mushrooms!

On the windy, warm and humid weather, we usually find edible mushroom on my garden.
We call it 'Jamur barat' or 'jamur wulan'.
This mushroom usually appears during the windy weather when the seasons are changing.

We revoked the mushroom from the ground.
My son was really happy, he had a new experience.
Run here and there, and took the mushrooms.

This mushroom always remind me to my childhood.
We used to take the edible mushrooms under the coffee trees on my parent's garden.

Then I washed the mushroom, and ready to cook.
It should be a delicious dishes.