Tuesday, October 31, 2017


This is my fifth trial on growing red beet root.
This plant might be so easy to be grown in other place,  but not in my garden.
Finally, I can find the tubby roots formed.
From ten seeds that I sowed, all have sprouted successfully.
But only three stand on and formed tubby roots.
Not so perfect, but it's OK.
Thanks GOD.

Friday, October 27, 2017


Our star fruit tree seem grows so happy in our tiny front yard.
Only needs a little 'touch'.
This rainy season, this little tree looks so lush and fresh.
Some branches growing here and there.
Taking over both of the drive way and path way.
Needs to be prunned soon.
Look... We can find little fruits are hanging on the branches.
I should wrap the fruits soon,  before they infected by fruit flies.
I hope they will be safe, and we can taste the fresh ripe star fruits.
Can you find the fruit fly on the pictures below?

Tuesday, October 24, 2017


Finally, I can do blogging for a while. 
More than a month I couldn't do that.
So many reason... we had an poor internet connection and also I had enough time.
Busy days and of course tiring days.
Only limited time to do gardening chores.
So... our garden was neglected.
Drought and caterpillar be serious problems in our garden during August.
I have to "steal" time although only for a while to watering our poor garden.
Remembering the best broccoli patch ever in our garden.
This year we get it...
I really love it!
The picture below was the broccoli patch in our back yard in late of May.

And this was in August

And these were in September...

Thanks God for giving us this lovely patch...

Thursday, October 19, 2017


Rain... rain... rain...
Water here and there.
Our garden looks so wet.
So many plants are growing like crazy.
This plant makes me so interested... yeah the pumpkin!
Self grown pumpkin, It might came from the compost heap.
Beautiful leaves... so lush!
This plant is taking over the the path way.
When I was checking the raised bed, I found an interesting thing.
A little pumpkin fruit is hanging on the vine.
I can't wait to see the fruit ripe...

Sunday, October 15, 2017


These are our peppers this week.
There are ten pepper plants that we put them on the wall in front the garage.
We can check the little plants here.
Lots of peppers are hanging on the plants, but mostly have infected by fruit flies, and they rotten and fallen soon.
Oh please...